Industrial style for your room decor ideas

If you want a modern, urban, simple but elegant, consider the industrial style decorating ideas. This style began about twenty years in New York, where immigrants seeking cheap rents, were moving to apartments in abandoned factories.

The industrial style room decor, despite being one of the most used by the rich and famous, is fairly easy to achieve, especially if you live in an old house or loft. Save yourself the renovations, and decorate your home with this striking style.

Enjoy high ceilings

The high ceilings are perfect not only to help a space look bigger, but they are also central to the industrial style. These ceilings are complemented with metal or wooden beams. If you have high ceilings, the easiest way to achieve this look is decorative beams. With this technique will not achieve more height, but you save the job of removing the ceiling.

Use of metals, stainless steels and other materials

Industrial style - Stainless steel chairs and metal furniture

Metals such as aluminum, steel, and chromium, are the materials most commonly used in industrial style room decor. Use metal tables, lamps, accessories and chairs. The timber is not typical in this style, but if sevens that space is very cold, uses it in small quantities to add warmth and contrast to your decor. Other material cement is quite common, particularly in floors. For sofas and chairs, leather is the best option. Look for good quality dark leather especially for the center of your living room sofa.

Natural lighting and windows

The industrial style room decor accentuates to maintain a contrasting look, so that windows cannot be left without decorating. If you’re willing to make a remodeling, enlarging your windows. But the most important thing is do not use curtains and make it open all day. For the nights and cloudy days, make sure you have enough lamps and bedside lamps or sconces with metal screens.

Sample architecture

The architecture of your home, apartment or loft is central to this style. Leave half-finished walls or decorative techniques used to make them look old and used. If you have brick walls, better yet. This material will give warmth and personality to your walls. The large rooms, loft style, are also essential. You can remove some walls to create a large and comfortable. The roofs, leaves exposed beams, and floors using materials like concrete or cork.

Minimalist and Simple

In terms of decor, keep the space minimalist. Do not look for quantity, but quality. With a leather sofa, a small table and chair chrome accent you have your room. Do not use too much accessories and decorations either, remember that architecture is the central decoration in the style industry.

Use furniture and antique accessories

Besides simple minimalist style furniture, you can use vintage or antique pieces to add more character to the industrial style room decor ideas. Find furniture with history. Do not worry to mix styles as eclectic style used enough with the industry. The best places to find antique pieces are thrift stores, eBay or local classifieds.

Lines in this style

Remember the lines when decorating in this style. The furniture and accessories should be straight, maintaining a clean and simple look. Accessorize with some furniture softer, but these should be the exception. Try to copy the lines of the atmosphere, on the walls and the architecture of your home.

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