Incredible Themed Rooms for Kids

By Jane Blanchard

More than likely, a good portion of your child’s day is spent in his or her bedroom. It’s where their imagination soars as they read, play, create and dream. If you need inspiration (or perhaps motivation) to transform your youngster’s room, take a look at these ideas.


Nautical-Themed Rooms for Kids

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If you have a small sailor, a nautical-themed room like this one would be the perfect way to spark his creativity and imagination. With light blue walls, matching curtains and light floors with an ode to sand, your junior captain can sail the ocean blue to dreamland every night. You can take his bed from ordinary to ocean ready by turning it into a boat containing captain’s quarters and a helm. Toss a few life savers and nets on the walls, and you have yourself a seaworthy setup. As for creative play, a sensory table with indoor, no-mess sand is sure to provide hours of fun. Just don’t be surprised when you hear gleeful shouts of “Land ahoy!” and “Scrub the deck!” emanating from his room.


Princess-Themed Rooms for Kids

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For your little princess, create a kingdom where she rules and reigns from the comfort of her own bedroom! With an exquisite carriage like this one for a bed, she can go wherever her imagination takes her. You can get creative with painted murals of castle walls and rolling countrysides, but simple pink walls will do the job as well. For playtime, every pretty princess needs a chest to store her regal dress-up clothes and sparkly high heels. Nearby could be a pint-sized makeup vanity complete with plenty of tiara storage.


Tropical-Themed Rooms for Kids

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If fun in the sun is your kiddo’s style, a tropical paradise similar to this would take his rest and relaxation to a whole new level. As his own personal oasis, a tiki-hut style bed would be a fun place to lay his head. A few of his favorite tropical animals as props and palm leaf decorations will have him saying “Aloha!” in no time.


Western-Themed Rooms for Kids

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If you have little cowboys or cowgirls in your midst, create a western-inspired room as shown in this picture. If you build several functional playhouses resembling barns and old country stores, your child will have plenty of room to play and grow as he explores the Wild West. For small spaces, painted scenes are a fantastic alternative. Fill the room with lassos, rocking horses and tractors for endless entertainment. However, be warned if your children share a room, for they may just think that town isn’t big enough for the two of them!

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