Incorporating Old and New Trends For a Stylish Interior

Vintage and retro styles have become trends and popular for years and people still go to great lengths to incorporate these styles with modern ones.

Old and New Trends For Interior: modern vintage living room decor

We cannot deny that classic vintage patterns and furniture can look exceptionally beautiful in a contemporary environment.

If done correctly, modern vintage interior settings can look luxurious and classy. It is often a very challenging job trying to balance the two styles together without making a room look old and ridiculously antique. Nonetheless, you will discover that a mix in fashions will have a gorgeous look to your interior.

The brilliant thing about an interior of this sort is that it can be cheaper to accomplish if you use your own old furnishings.

Even if you don’t already own any antique furniture, car boot sales or charity shops are good places to seek out and invest in some.

You can initially begin a vintage/modern interior by literally turning an antique piece of furniture into something modern.

It will make the items in your home unique and personal to you, therefore any visitors you have will be astounded by the originality of your items and the vibe it creates.

There are hundreds of creative options for you to experiment with, so get busy and turn your rooms into the most amazing modern/vintage rooms you can imagine!


Old and New Trends For Interior: vintage rustic wall

The basis of a room that varies in old and new trends is the surrounding barriers of it.

It often works beautifully to have vintage or rustic walls, as this will set the overall atmosphere of a room. When decorating the walls you need to think about the tone you want to set, so a living room or bedroom will preferably want to feel warm and cosy, therefore a metal rusty looking wall will not ideally set the desired atmosphere.

Old and New Trends For Interior: Magnolia vintage wall

  • Magnolia is a good choice for wall colour as it sets an open space and looks like a blank canvas which is ready to be customised. The advantage to plain white walls is that any accent antiques you want to hang up will stand out more. White walls also open you up to opportunities of painting on odd decor or using vinyl stickers.

Old and New Trends For Interior: trendier vintage wooden wall

  • Instead of paint or wallpaper, why not opt for wooden panels on your walls? This has a real old effect that can be enhanced in ways that makes it look modern and fresh. Wooden walls make a room look quite country-based and homely, so a bedroom or a kitchen with this effect would look fantastic!
  • Black and white walls are a wonderful way of combining old and new as it automatically looks current with a classic twist. This makes it easier to further develop the room, as you may want to stick with the black and white theme to create a truly chic surrounding.
  • The obvious way of getting an older trend into your walls is choosing vintage wallpaper. You can opt for a damask pattern, which looks classic and luxurious, or a floral pattern that has elegance and delicate beauty. You will find that there will be older wallpaper or modern wallpaper that will suit whichever room you’re looking to decorate


You may want to combine your old and new trends in the way that your floors

oppose to the style of your walls. Whether you choose modern or antique flooring, you will notice a dramatic impact if you choose your flooring carefully.

Old and New Trends For Interior: wooden floor vintage bedroom

  • Wooden floors fit both modern and older trends, so having this fitted will already create that retro or vintage effect that you are aiming for. Darker woods tend to look more older than lighter woods, so make the choice and go ahead with it!
  • A snug carpet will be perfect for a cosy interior. Carpets are seen to be a modern touch, so your choice of carpet can accommodate to any trend or style.  If you decide that you do want a vintage carpet, an off-white, baby pink colour or a damask pattern make a very shabby-chic flooring. If you choose a busy carpet, it is expected that the furnishing in your room is plain, simple and minimalist.


What’s a homely interior without the addition of pictures, ornaments and cute cushions?

Old and New Trends For Interior: tree lamps for vintage livingroom

Decor is one of the most important things towards combining old and new trends that look stylish, because these elements are small but make a  big difference.

Decor is a topic that is open to bizarre and wonderful ideas, you can create your own decorations or buy weird and wonderful things in home living stores.

  • Modern decor is known for being a little bit crazy and eccentric and that’s exactly why so many of us love it! A statement piece of contemporary art or structure can turn a whole room into something much more interesting.  The juxtaposition between the old trends around the room and the accent peice of modern decor will create a very climactic effect.
  • Following this however, it can also be impressive if you make your own decor. The popular choice is to use older materials and antiques to re-make a piece of art or decoration. An example of this would be using old fashioned jam jars as candle holders, that you hang from the walls. This kind of decor around a room may look old fashioned and obscure, but very stylish at the same time, The more creative the better!


Now for the fun part! The main eclectic feel of the room will come from the contrasts of old and new within your furnishing.

Old and New Trends For Interior: vintage color kitchen furniture

Portraying a mix of eras in your furniture can be difficult but remarkable whilst organising a room.

  • If you are an overly creative person, you should attempt to make individual items of furniture eclectic in themselves. To do this, you will need to have available materials to mix them together to make one extraordinary piece. One piece of furniture like this will be the focal point of your room, so its best to make it dramatic and exciting! You could try going as colourful as you’d like to and decorate an end table in a collage of modern and vintage materials or patterns. This form of decoration is called decoupage, which is the notion of glueing lots of different patterns to an object.
  • If your plan was to buy all your furnishings, it should not be too difficult to find furniture that combines the two trends. Your interior ,may benefit from a modern shaped item, such as a sofa, that is made of an older material. Furniture like this looks striking and alluring and so you should aim to have a minimum of objects like this.

Mixing trends is becoming more and more popular as we live in an era that thrives off of vintage/modern combos.

Stay away from typical interiors and get stylish with a new and inventive way of decorating!

This blog was written by Rachel Jensen Beddard Roofing, the roofing specialists.

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