IKEA Stockholm collection: a natural touch on a vintage room decor style

Cannot get enough of retro interior with vintage furniture? And preferably affordable? In this case, it is time to take a look at the IKEA Stockholm collection!

The elegance and durability collection IKEA Stockholm

On April 2013 IKEA has launched its Stockholm collection on the market. As its name suggests, this furniture collection offers the charm with the touch of vintage decor style of Scandinavian design with a nod to the 50’s. However IKEA wants to give a new direction to this collection. The finished furniture falling apart after one move: this series of quality furniture should take more than one generation.

Vintage look: Superior quality for a lasting pleasure

STOCKHOLM offers top quality items for most areas of the house. On the pictures you can see some inspiring ideas to decorate your home and beautify your life for years. This collection is a reflection of a “valuable expertise” which can be seen in the attention to detail in the quality and comfort of the material and also the prices ridiculously low. One of the favorable item is high resilient foam chair in green leaves pattern will add a natural atmosphere to your room and many other furniture and home decorating accessories available.

IKEA Stockholm collection - Green for natural atmosphere

To achieve this goal, IKEA Stockholm collection is designed with ‘smart craft’ to support vintage decor style with the use of durable materials such as walnut. And the most interesting thing is you do not need to pay more than usual! In addition for vintage room decor, this type of hard wood is beautiful, elegant and durable. Judge for yourself:

The Stockholm collection includes chairs, tables, dressers, TV furniture, sideboards, carpets, chairs, coffee tables, side tables, chairs and a bed. If you do not need furniture, stick to the usual accessories such as duvet covers, vases, cushions, lamps or chandeliers. The collection which you can see on the IKEA Stockholm collection is preferably to get a vintage style room: these are in natural materials such as walnut, velvet and blown glass. In addition, the designs are inspired by nature decorating ideas, as can be seen in the colors and patterns.

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