IKEA kitchens catalog 2014: modern design at affordable prices

One of the strengths of IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 are the elegant modern design which designed to be functional, take all the spaces and also have an eco-design which is one of the latest trends in kitchen design and decoration.

IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 - Modern touch

IKEA for next year proposes different designs of modern kitchens, stand especially kitchenettes apart from savings in space are also designed to share moments with family and friends. In addition, all IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 have spacious drawers and very functional for performing the cookware properly. Find also tips and guides before shopping at IKEA furniture store!

IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 - Sophisticated style

One trend that IKEA proposes in their kitchens Catalog 2014 is full of colors that invite comfortable cooking and happy time in the kitchen. In addition, IKEA has also launched a line of more industrial design; it is designed not only for home but also for the kitchens of restaurants and cafes.

IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 - Trendy bright white

Another interesting idea you can find on IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 are small kitchens designed for flats and apartments, which are very simple to install and can be designed according to the needs of each user. Discover also our selection of IKEA Stockholm collection!

IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 - Wood color cabinet

IKEA kitchens Catalog 2014 - Grey retro

IKEA did not want to leave out the trends in home decorating; the rustic kitchen style is also committed to very classical yet modern wood. The most notable furniture in gray and wood stoves in contrast to metallic aluminum appliances is available at affordable prices. All IKEA designs combine with the other decorating ideas and adapted to meet the next trends in home decor, in its new catalog, IKEA also has the trendy collection for bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

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