Sneak Peek At IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog To Buy This August

Here to explore preview looks of IKEA 2018 trends catalog you can purchase this August 2017. For all lovers of the Swedish giant IKEA August is a very important month. At the end of July every year the desired IKEA catalog comes out (As it happened last year with the IKEA catalog 2017) and most importantly, at the beginning of August we can find some novelties of textiles, furniture, lamps And complements of the novelties for sale.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalogue for Autumn-Winter 2017 Decorating Inspiration Ideas

This time we will not have to wait so long to know some of the proposals of the IKEA catalog 2018. Do you want to know them?

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog: News August 2017

IKEA welcomes autumn with a universe of deep colors, golden accents and a touch of the tropics. Comfort and warmth conveyed in an elaborate range of colors, beautiful textures and tactile materials.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog ODGER fresh colors dining chair

ODGER chair is a real innovation when it comes to materials. Made with a mix of wood and plastic where more than 50% of the plastic is recycled, the chair is a more environmentally sustainable choice than virgin oil-based products. The visible wood grain is smooth to the touch, while giving the chair a warm and authentic feeling.

The living room is the focal point and including August news is neat KOARP armchair in beautiful shades and smooth sofa – perfect for entertaining and spontaneous sleepovers. Vintage STRANDMON favorite armchair, a patterned makeover and matched nicely with new rugs, cushion covers and soft carpets with a thick pile. Together with the autumn Lampnyheter and other stunning decorative objects becomes the inviting style to complete your home decoration.


IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog KOARP armchair and VIMLE sofa

Whether you want an ideal option for sitting back and relaxing in, the latest IKEA KOARP armchair gives perfect comfort and has a modern look to the living room.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog KOARP armchair with back pocket

Practical pocket is featured on the back of KOARP armchair to keep magazines or tablets, it’s important so you can keep the sofa table tidy.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog KOARP armchair pastel yellow

Sustainable fall. In August, IKEA presents several smart and beautiful products made with extra consideration for the environment. ODGER chair combines a strong outer shape with sustainable innovation, UNDULATING dinnerware and Östernäs hantag leather made from waste materials from the production of other products. In the bathroom helps two new mixers that save both water and energy.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog: Vintage, Retro-Scandinavian & Green

This year highlights the presence of the most intense and dark colors. It will be the green. And we can verify that IKEA also bet on the vegetation and the tropical style. In addition the golden glitter seize the decorative complements and finally we can buy cutlery in bronze color at affordable prices. Another novelty that includes the IKEA catalog for next year are the leather handles… and many other that we are longing for. The truth is that we can distinguish that there are three styles in the progress of the IKEA 2018 catalog.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog KRÖNGE rug in colorful stripes handwoven wool

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog KRÖNGE rug for brightening floor

Joy to walk on and look with IKEA KRÖNGE rug made of handwoven wool in multicolor stripes to brighten up any floor.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog handmade NODEBO rug in gradient green

Available in a gradient of greens, the NÖDEBO rug has been handwoven in wool by skilled craftsmen to make it unique and also to give a special feeling when something is handmade.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog flexible VINDUM rug

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog comfortable, warm VINDUM rug

This IKEA VINDUM rug is available in new sizes with plush comfort. Designed to be as flexible as possible, with its high pile, it’s even easy to join many rugs together and create a rug that fits the sofa, while the thickness dampens sounds and adds warmth in blue, grey or white.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog handmade NODEBO rug in gradient green

Available in a gradient of greens, the NÖDEBO rug has been handwoven in wool by skilled craftsmen to make it unique and also to give a special feeling when something is handmade.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog Gillhov And Majbritt Cushion Covers

Make it unique with tropical touch of leave printed IKEA cushion covers. Gillhov & Majbritt made of a mix of ramie and cotton, the cover also features a leaf pattern in delicious greens and yellow.

IKEA 2018: Natural green & deep color

Environments IKEA stained green with a tropical air. We see stamped with exotic plants in cases cushion Gilhov. In this exotic atmosphere also contribute new sofas upholstered in a deep green, blankets or plaids, carpets as Krönge or Nodembro and the new sheets to decorate the walls.

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IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog Fado Vintage Style Table Lamp

Setting a soft mood light at home is easy with FADO table lamp. The round globe lamp is made of tinted glass in yellow or grey giving a rustic feeling. This look can be increased further by the choice of light bulb, for example using a naked bulb such as LUNNOM LED bulb.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog SOLBO Night Owl Table Lamp

Let the night owl keep the littlest ones safe at night. SOLBO table lamp is made in the fun shape of an owl, and works equally well as a mood light or night light in the kid’s room.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog TILLSYN Hourglass Vintage Deco

Carefully chosen objects can be part of a home collage that brings joy and creates curiosity. TILLSYN hourglass is just the type of object that does this, while adding a feeling of small luxury. With its cylindrical shape it’s unique, just like the golden beads that running through.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog SNOFSA Clock with Metallic Accent

Metallic accents are a must when adding a glimpse of luxury to the home. In a brass colour, SNOFSA clock is a sure statement piece. The brass indicators set against a black clock face make it functional and beautiful at the same time.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog PRISTELLA Tray in Dark Floral

Dark florals are a trend that works perfectly for a homely, vintage touch. PRISTELLA tray is right on point, serving up a bold pattern originating from traditional floral textile design. The tray creates a unique style for occasions like breakfasts in bed or entertaining with drinks, while it also looks pretty when not in use.

IKEA 2018: A touch of vintage

On one side a somewhat Baroque style that we can appreciate in the printed tray Pristella and the Tillagd cutlery in bronze. In addition IKEA puts attention on the watches, betting on the gold materials, bronze and crystal. Both the Snofsa table clock and the Tillsyn hourglass are destined to become objects of desire and triumph in many images that will be hung on Instagram. Nor can we lose sight of the new Fado lamp.

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IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog ODGER chair brown, beige and blue

IKEA ODGER chair is also offered in brown, beige or blue, giving your room a feel of Scandinavian style with a retro touch without losing comfort for a sitting place.

IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog Hammarn Scandinavian Sofa Bed

Available in low price, HAMMARN sofa bed gives Scandinavian simplicity and has a sleek design coupled with easy conversion from sofa to bed

IKEA 2018: The return the retro-Scandinavian

Another new star of the IKEA catalog 2018 are the Odger chairs. A mixture of retro and Scandinavian design that will love more than one. They are recycled wood and plastic with a highly ergonomic design. Also note the Hammarn sofa bed. Easily transportable and convert to bed in less than 30 seconds. In addition its price will be total low-cost.

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IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog MAJORNA floor and table lamp

Create a beautiful zone of mood light with MAJORNA floor and table lamp. They are sculpted in double layers of high-grade paper applied by hand on a sturdy metal construction. Thanks to the double layers, a three-dimensional effect is achieved – and a warm, magical glow. For the entire lighting range at IKEA, we’ve gone all in with LED. These bulbs consume up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and last up to 20 times longer. Use them in MAJORNA lamps and create mood light to feel good about!

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On the other hand we can present you some paper lamps that will go on sale in August as floor lamps and table. Majorna table lamp Only for children’s room. The cute owl is 23cm high and LED light. We suspect that not only will it end up in the children’s room.. You can also explore the Spring-Summer 2018 Trends In Outdoor Textiles.

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