Ideas to integrate the fridge with kitchen decoration

The refrigerator is one of the most essential home appliances. It has even become a decorative element essential. Yet it is not always easy to find a place in the kitchen. Opt for a free standing fridge or a built-in model and choose a location, here are the criteria to consider before you start.

One choice for refrigerator is a freestanding model. The advantage is that you can ask for the location of your choice. According to its size, you can slip between the furniture or under a worktop. In this case, the refrigerator will be fully integrated into the decor of your kitchen because it will be visible. You will need to choose carefully so that its design is suitable and consistent with your room decor. To add color to your kitchen, do not hesitate to opt for colorful fridges to make it suitable and integrated with your kitchen decor.

Vintage built-in fridge furnitureOpt for a built-in design refrigerator

Choose a built refrigerator also has some advantages. Indeed, it will be integrated into the design of your kitchen. Therefore, it will be hidden behind the facade of a cabinet and it will be very difficult to suspect its existence. Your kitchen will be even smoother. In cases where the location of the fridge was not expected for the placement in the kitchen, it is quite possible to add more space. However, it will be necessary to do additional work and to hire professionals. At the design level, choose one that best suits your kitchen decor style. You will find, for example, various models of cheap retro fridge that will integrate perfectly for vintage room decoration ideas.

Select the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen

To define the location of your refrigerator, you need to think about the kitchen wall and floor and the space occupied by the fridge. But you need also to think about the practical aspect of its position. For your convenience, consider the paths that you make when you cook. To make the fridge works optimally, avoid placing it near a heat source. Keep it out of your oven and other hot kitchen appliances.

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