Ideas to decorate a contemporary style to the room

The contemporary decor is a style of modern decor, simple, between modern and classic design. A contemporary style is the latest trends on the decoration catalogs. The furnishings are simple and the color trends are bright or pastel, as well as the wall and floor coverings. You can mix the materials and textiles to create a special nuances and cozy atmosphere in accordance with your personality.


For the bedroom, the platform bed or furniture can be trendy in white top. (This bed is without head or foot). To replace the headboard, you can install a metal rod to slide cushions taupe or ecru as the head of bed.

At the foot of the bed, opt for a white chest on wheels is the best choice because it can be perfect for storage. This storage chest can be used as a coffee table for breakfast at bed. Do not forget the all night table without a door on each side of the bed.

Choose a white sliding wardrobe door with mirrors and have a white dresser that match another wall of the room decoration. The brushed steel is also very nice for decorative items; it can also be placed along with such as lamps to make them match the room decor.

Contemporary platform bed and furnitureYou should know that platform beds or other furniture contain drawers are need more space; make sure you have sufficient space in your bedroom to install the dresser or storage chest.

To get a trendier look, you can choose United Linen for the headboard fabric. You make a homey feel to the room. The curtain rod headboard is fixed after the fabric is stretched without lessening the eye-catching look of the bedroom.

To paint the walls, there is two alternatives to choose the colors. For example, the slate-color windows and walls create a very light gray on the other walls to catch the light.

Here are some tips to decorate the walls; apply a wallpaper panel with a large flower pattern as a massive but neutral color to keep the lightness and subtlety of the room decor. You can play the transparency.

Have some darker frames and pictures. You can replace the picture with a piece of wallpaper that will remind the decor of your wall. They will be placed on the face to face wall so you can cover it with wallpaper. It is the ideas for decorating the wall to make it more unique and different.

Floor coverings

To enhance the color of white furniture and light colors of the decoration, choose plain oak flooring. Otherwise keep the same colors and cover the ground with a solid cream colorful carpet or bed.

Remember that there are many new linoleum you can found easily on the market: wood imitations, marble or breath-taking custom stone. Choose one of them that suits your decoration to give a touch of originality!


You don’t need to put curtains if you do not have face to face wall. Find the suitable lighting especially if the components are planned for the night.

Otherwise, the curtains will effect if you choose white or ecru linen. You can stay in the shades of your natural interior. The curtain will be well stretched and mounted on the same headboard rails.

If you want to give a little innovation to the decor, add linen curtains in shades of gray to stay in the contemporary decor style.

The key to a nice look to the decor ideas is to choose a more colorful bed linen like turquoise blue or purple.

With all these tips, you will have a contemporary room style and you will have no trouble falling asleep in a beautiful and comfortable contemporary style bedroom

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