Ideas to choose the layout for a small kitchen design

The kitchen is often one of the most complex rooms to be furnished, a little more is because we want the best and another reason is because the furnishings have their own importance and without mentioning the budget, do not underestimate it because the fact it is probably one of the most important areas, the most utilized and exploited in the house.

Nowadays we can find thousand of online home furnishing stores with its various customizing proposals to what we love and with so many benefits reserved for its customers, such as fast delivery service, home measures detection, and the plumbing and electrical service.

The kitchens that we can find in the catalog are exposed in various categories, for the types, designs and styles to give an idea of the furnishing products to the customer, but the materials, types and colors can be chosen in different variants, to reach the solution for the best suits our spaces and our tastes.

For example, if the room we have is not particularly spacious, we could choose a linear kitchen layout that is developed entirely on one side which offers all the comforts of a classic kitchen to adapt the small spaces we have. For a narrow space, we could consider peninsula furniture, so we can save the space by creating the snack bar table and have a useful shelf that extends our work bench.

Small kitchen design - High quality furniture ideaWe can also opt for a corner kitchen layout, which combine a separate table with matching chairs to make it more spacious that are settled on three sides and include a peninsula linked. The second option is the choice of a very spacious peninsula kitchen layout. You may also want to get all ideas to choose the right kitchen furniture in the previous topics.

It is also important to evaluate some features: choose the kitchen furniture with solid and good quality wood; choose a stain-proof and moisture counter-top (even at the cost to buy it separately and spend a little more), consider the daily needs by choosing the traditional stove gas or induction hobs. In any case, it always needs to pay attention to the looks and the overall quality: we want it solid, because we need to use the kitchen every day.

A useful reflection on appliances: if we choose one or two tanks of the basin, choose whether to include or not the refrigerator; choose the location of the furnace at the bottom or at the top. You can see our previous topic about elegant black kitchen decoration ideas.

Let’s talk about standard sizes:

– The space between the hood and hob is expected to be at a distance of between 41 and 65 cm, while it is can be placed hanging around 45 cm;

– For people standard height, placing the base of the furniture on the ground with the height for about 85 cm (excluding the work plan);

– Depth: bases have a depth of about 60 cm standard, while the roof must have a depth of less (not banging your head), which is around 35-40 cm.

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