Ideas and inspirations before decorating your home

I took the first step and you decide to decorate your room (bedroom, bathroom or hallway). You planned a weekend that you used for shopping and ordering everything, and these excited to see the final result. But when you realize you have no idea that you want to decorate your room, or have too many ideas and you cannot decide the best inspiring ideas before decorating your home.

This situation is quite common. With so many options it’s hard to choose the decorations, colors, furniture and accessories for your home. It may be more complicated if you’re not thinking completely start again, but if you want to include items you already have in your home. How can you use your own furniture in a different way? How should you get and it is better to go away?

To solve these problems the solution is simple, you need some ideas and inspirations before decorating your home. Inspiration is the basis of any decor, and you need to have an image in mind for your home, and base it on that picture to get the furniture and decorations you need. That picture in your mind is like a map of decoration. If you go to a furniture store and buy only what you notice, you will come to your home to find out that the parts bought are not decor together.

Now you know the importance of inspirations before decorating your home, where do you get inspiration?

Books and magazines

Ideas and inspirations before decorating your home

The books and decorating magazines is the first thing you need to inspire you. If you are looking for a modern and contemporary style, the magazine will show you all the trends in decoration. The books will help inspire you if you want a more classic style and to remain so over time. No need to spend on buying books or magazines that you only need browse. Take advantage of public libraries, which not only have a variety of books, but often also have magazines. If any image catches your eye, buy the book or copy scale pages you like (make sure that this allowed before making copies).

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Furniture stores

Many furniture stores have exposures to give you an idea of how to place furniture and decorations in a space. IKEA store is famous for its exhibitions, which even includes full apartments decorated and furnished, where you can walk and try the furniture. The advantage of visiting a decoration shop is that not only will gain inspiration, but you can also try the furniture and decorations, see colors and sizes, and decide what would look good in your home.

Items in your home

Your favorite items can also give you inspiration. Like the color of a piece of art? Does the fabric of a garment? Or a memory you brought back from your last vacation? All these elements can include in your decor, only need to find furniture and accessories that have the same qualities that you love.

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The internet is a great form of inspiration. Not only can you find images, but you can find answers to your questions and tips on how to decorate. Besides you can browse the sites for home decorating trends, be sure to visit decor blogs for more tips and advises. These are some of the best sources of inspiration, as together ideas from various parts of the internet, apart from personal advice.

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Movies and TV

When you see your favorite TV program or a new movie probably do not pay much attention to the decoration of houses, hotels and buildings where they are filmed. This is a big mistake if you’re looking for inspiration. When the indoor scenes are filmed, much attention goes to the decorative background. If you pay attention to these decorations are likely to find items to inspire you to decorate your own home.

Friends, colleagues and family

The next time you go home to your friends, family or colleagues, Pay attention to the decor. Many times your loved ones may have tastes in common, and this will help to inspire you to your own home.

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