12 inspiring ideas for decorating grey bedroom: feel more cozy and relax at the same time!

Grey is a color that fits all styles for the decoration of the bedroom. Adult bedroom, children and even the nursery love the grey color! For the decoration of a grey room, all variants are permitted grey, pearl grey, anthracite, grey mouse, to decline in total grey look or associate with a white, red, chocolate, plus black. Here are some inspiring ideas for decorating grey bedroom, you can choose for your inspiration according your taste and personality!

A grey bedroom decor for chic and Zen atmosphere at the same time

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: grey color for bedroom

Idea for decorating grey bedroom provides its occupants an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation as the grey color is easy to live! Paint, wallpaper, decorative accessories declined this grey offers rich variants of cold grey or warm grey which creates the atmosphere that suits all decor styles. Modern bedroom design, contemporary or classic can be perfect combination for the decoration of the room; grey bedroom decoration creates a soothing atmosphere and gives the room a decidedly chic character.

The first color that comes to mind when trying to associate the color grey white of course, but you can think of the decor of your room grey with red color that will bring a warm, think mole, the mole is also a neutral color but the presence of brown in the composition of the color makes a warm tint too. For the decoration of a grey room, two colors are also good effect, blue and green; choose from bright colors for their effect dynamic contrast setting. And for those who would consider a grey room for room decoration of a baby or child, no hesitation, grey has the same soothing and chic virtues for decoration of an adult room.

A selection of 12 decorating grey room ideas for your inspiration to see what color associated with grey for a decorating Zen room at the top.

Simplicity on a grey bedroom decorating

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: simplicity on grey room

For decorating grey bedroom that reflects the simplicity is depending on the color combination used. If the grey and white dominate the room with the mural, the partition with bathroom plexi imitation marble grey and shades of grey made ​​from carpets, red quilts, far from playing the troublemakers in this beautiful and serene harmony of the neutral colors, enhances their impact and provides a discreet touch of warm color to the room.

Simplicity, symmetry and purity are the watchwords for the decoration of this room. Simplicity in the play of colors (grey declination) symmetry in the accessories and colors (sheets, pillows, lamps) Clean lines and as to break the will of rigor, photo frames on nightstands and structure Eiffel Tower bring warm color accents.

A grey room with a perfect combination of white

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: gray white bedroom decor

A good idea to give a painted with paint paper effect and create a nice decorative effect on a bedroom wall. After painting the wall grey beads, white circles are made ​​stencil. A subtle grey color around easily done that also makes a nice bed head. Check out also grey and white bathroom: the simplicity of neutral colors!

Grey bedroom decor: anthracite, intense color and chic for girl’s room

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: gray for girls room

For the decoration of the room of a young girl, the strength of dark mural covering one wall of the room grey no problem of consistency (with respect to the purpose of the room) to the contrary. It poses a focal space on bed room and showcases flashy colors pink bed linen and cushions a very bright yellow. Suspension ball of white paper suggests our beloved moon from its rays illuminate the corner of nocturnal rest and the four poster bed with her white veil reinforces this wink.

A black and grey room

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: black and grey bedroom color

For the decoration of this adult room, another harmony between grey and light grey lower panels that isolate the bathroom space, pearl grey walls, and mouse grey color headboard that echoes the same grey wall facing him. Curtains and resolutely black office complement the simplicity of the decor of the room. Mat grey, very graphic, breaks to better enhance the play of vertical and horizontal lines.

Grey baby room is great!

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: nursery room gray wall

On this nursery room, beautiful grey trees associated with comfortable white, ivory and anthracite grey paint… It works well and is very classy! And if the lack of color in the baby room scares you, do not worry, toys, and other baby accessories will bring what you need!

Why not grey wallpaper in the room?

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: grey patterned wallpaper for bedroom

Other decoration atmosphere you can get from a grey room is where the light green cushions meets pearl grey plain nonwoven paper.

Pretty grey stripes in the room

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: pretty gray stripes for zen style room

And if you want grey and white for the decoration of the girl’s bedroom, the color provided by the painted grey and white striped paper and those plaid that covers the bench anime this harmonious grey monochrome for a decoration super relaxing atmosphere …

The fresh atmosphere of grey and blue room decor

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: blue and gray mix room

In this room a holiday home in Greece, decoration both minimalist and warm. Superbly associated with azure night tables, walls are whitewashed slightly tinted grey. The headboard, which is treated as a base, is painted in a shade of grey and more sustained to create balance; mirror frame is worked in the same grey. The comforter and plaid in a blue night enhance the harmony of pastel paintings; all creates a soft and peaceful conducive to resting place decoration.

A soft green and grey for a cozy room

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: soft green and gray bedroom

Any atmosphere that emanates the decor of this room is equipped with a balance of warm and cool hues. The light oak flooring, cabinet body and two coffee table pine and white poplar skated bring warmth. To enhance these colors, a palette of bluish grey echoes him: The headboard and velvet armchair slate, a grey velvet quilts and pillowcases matching grey, discrete grey embroidery adorn the quilt and pillowcases white cotton the lamps in nickel and black metal. Silent night guaranteed! Discover the details of our previous topic Rustic Family Room Decorating Ideas for winter 2014!

The grey and red decor for a contemporary room style

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: red linen with gray wall

It is well known associate a grey and red decoration is a good wedding color! For the decoration of the room a decidedly sleek, grey color is provided by a huge rectangle mouse grey paint which acts headboard, framed by the night tables consist of a single tablet fixed in another rectangle paint grey color drawn on the wall. Set of grey and red colors worked on the cabinet and extra lamps included with pillowcases. Those are harmony of colors with more discreet graphics, a peaceful atmosphere in this room that invites you to have more relaxation. Check out more our previous inspiring Shabby Chic Living Room Decorating Ideas!

The artist workshop style in the room

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: grey studio room

In this room the shades of grey are associated with a subtle mix of materials metal and bed linen velvety look and feel silky, a sober and warm bedroom decorating idea.

A grey and taupe room, softness and balance in appointments

Ideas for decorating grey bedroom: taupe and gray bedroom

In this room, taupe, chocolate and yellow ocher linens are associated with wide paneling on which is applied a light grey white lead. The wooden frame mirrors and accumulation of natural rope on the bedside complement of the nature color to get the mood of the Zen room decoration.

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