Ideas and tips for decorating a small apartment

Ideas and tips for decorating a small apartment

The interior decor features including a large wall mirrors that is exactly not only to make it looks expanded the room visually, but also conceal an integrated storage. All functions (bathroom, kitchen, cabinets …) are also located on the outskirts of the apartment, to allow maximum free central space. In color, it has focused on contrasts strong and present, and dared the very dark colors that may seem unusual in a small apartment, but here instead gives a particular identity, and also bring it a home decor trends 2013 and to get more “chic” looks.

Dining room decor ideas

Dining room decor ideas for small apartment

You can decorate entirely of the dining area with dark color. Located near a window, it has a good amount of natural light, without visually cluttering the room.

Decorating the bedroom wall

Bedroom decor ideas for small apartment

The bed – sleeping area, which unfolds from the wall of mirrors, also comes in dark colors used in the rest of the decor.

Kitchen decor and design ideas

Kitchen decor ideas for small apartment

The kitchen is designed as a very special niche identity, it is especially characterized by dark color, black and purple colors in particular.

The detailed view of the kitchen

Dark decorating ideas for kitchen

Bathroom looks with dark dominating color

Bathroom decor ideas for small apartment

Some decorating ideas and tips in this case of decoration:

  • Dare to decorate the rooms with the dark colors in a small apartment or home especially, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and living room.
  • A wall of mirrors visually for any height enlarge room.
  • Place the main functions in the periphery, so as not to clutter the space.

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