How to pick suitable colors for living room decoration?

Choosing new colors that suits the living room decoration is not an easy task but at least we should be smart and careful to select the right one according to our taste and room decor. As we know, the colors have a direct impact on the sense of well-being, and then betweens a white, taupe, red, green and we can review another room to define the colors that match our tastes and create a decoration in the lounge that will resemble a cozy atmosphere living room. Here are some tips and ideas for your future living room color.

Color harmonyThe rules for choosing the best colors for decorating the living room

Combining the colors and decorative items, our preferences is to create more unison and so much the better. Some prefer neutral colors like white, gray, taupe and black as dominant colors for their wardrobe, accessories and ambiance color to brighten up their home. However, other people see only by the intense colors like red, purple or orange they love to associate with a blue or green.

The first rule to choose a new color for a room is to avoid all the colors that are not part of our daily life, in other words we should be able to use a familiar color even leaving aside the colors decor trends say.

The second rule, which has nothing to do with personal taste but it is a basic rule in interior design.

The third rule is to maximize three colors in a room and no more worry! Neutral colors are not considered, hence these colors can be complement to harmonize and balance the other colors chosen, and this is also a good trick to highlight the room decoration.

The best tool to opt for the harmony colors for a living room and any other room is the color wheel. From this you have 4 possible combinations to build a balanced color pallet:

  1. Color palette in shades: From a color, such as blue, the palette is built in a variation of light and dark from the blues. In the paint swatch we find these different shades of each color band. To continue the example of the blue, in all its nuances you find a light blue, dark blue, gray blue, red blue … This color palette is the easiest to do because she has no trap risking Association fault.
  2. Color harmony:   It develops with the colors that are close on the color wheel and have a logical affinity with each other. For example: Blue, purple and green or yellow, orange and magenta. A palette in harmony gives pep to the decoration of the living room and a nice color balance is obtained by combining the colors of a pastel color with a darker shade of one of its neighboring colors. Specifically, although the example is extreme, an area composed of a deep dark blue, purple and intense green fail to contrast and will definitely be sad and flat. Play on shades can give the room tone needed a play based on the concept of sharing and conviviality.
  3. Color contrast: To build a harmony of colors in contrast to the living room, it’s pretty simple to find your way: it is the opposition colors on the color wheel, primary colors are an example: red, yellow and blue.
  4. Some types of complementary colors: In the circle you can see the colors that are diametrically opposed example: Orange and green. It can be an interesting palette for integrate the living room decor. However, be careful not to choose the same intensity colors to avoid unbalanced atmosphere! A good balance will be for example with a soft orange and bright green or yellow backed and light purple.

Taupe gray and white to design a classic lounge decoration style

Neutral colors in the living room are very comfortable and timeless. To break the impression of monastic rest which may displease some, just bring a bright color and it becomes a very contemporary look! In this area, it is lime color for the chair, hot and crisp contrast with the wall painting of a gray foreground and white and taupe wall.

Blue and natural colors for a living room with a rejuvenating freshness

For decorating the living room, a beautiful combination of blue, purple and natural colors in a cozy atmosphere that is reminiscent of the sweetness and calm of a trendy home decorating ideas. Note the subtle colors that cover the beams: white, sky purple and gray spray. To bring a bit of the contrast color you can opt for Lapis Lazuli cushions to fit out the decoration, to get the intense and subtle color, blue is effective to mix it with green cushion on the lounge. Paint color: DULUX Natural Taupe 3.

Dark gray and purple for an intimate atmosphere at the lounge

For an intimate and welcoming lounge, rely on the harmonies of stone gray and taupe and complete harmony with intense color and light. In this area, the wool rugs in dark purple bring contrast and brightness to the gray stone and intense mole that covers the wall. Paint colors: matt DULUX Valentine Storm Grey.

Orderly decor: To create a cozy atmosphere in the living room, the wall painting needs to be fit if you have a deep hue sofa as you can see on the picture, or if the room lacks brightness it is recommended to use the other bright colors for the room.

The pop colors for the open concept kitchen living room

Before picking a suitable color combination, it is important to consider the sweetest look to this open living space, we can do it by customizing the cabinet size. The purple of the living room wall is taken for the splash wall tile in the kitchen; apple green of the wall provides a dynamic contrast and the tiles color chosen completes coherence volumes. The bright yellow coated chairs and sofa also play intense colors to get a smooth and eye-catching look decor. A palette of colors that pop softens the raw concrete ceiling and draws light.

Gray and purple are chic and fine lounge decor

In this small apartment living room decoration, the series of gray color is punctuated with a more prevalent purple that is tailored to separate each volumes while giving coherence to spaces in a row. Wall paint: DULUX PCWC6 raw cotton and A407 Purple Balance.

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