How to decorate the rooms in elegant industrial style

The characteristics of the industrial style

It is the late 80’s when the industrial style is developed and expressed by some artist studios. This decorating idea always draws its aesthetics originally in furniture intended to create an elegant look and today the style has become trends among some decorating ideas that people choose. The colossal, gross and functional, it consists of practical elements for the support of the workers’ labor. It is now recovered and upgraded; the furniture reinvents itself to design the interiors in an atmosphere that blends with all styles and designs (baroque, classic, modern, contemporary …).

The colors of the industrial style

The industrial style comes in shades of gray, from light to dark, or even to black. There are also many green: dark khaki, silver-gray patina … meanwhile, you can combine two colors to facilitate the clean industrial decorating style look. The bright colors of the decoration are found only on small furniture: chairs, lighting, tables or other accessories (letters, handles …).

Spotless look in the industrial style dining roomThe materials of the industrial style

Gross and solid materials are the heart of the industrial design. You will find many element galvanized steel or zinc in brushed and rusty metal. In general, these materials are associated with wood furniture. The solid hardwood or ceramic tile will be more perfect choice for the floors, metal frames and wrought iron candle holders in a spotless wall painting will be more supported for decorating industrial room style. Otherwise, do not hesitate to choose the right wood to accentuate this aspect of aging.

In which rooms it should be applied?

If it’s initially invaded by artist’s studio and lofts, the industrial decor style now has gradually adapted for interior home decoration, even the ideas become more and more popular discussed in home decor trends to be coupled with other home decor styles. It is now found in all parts, whether on the main furniture or some decorative accessories. You are free to reinvent the use of furniture, adapt all the ideas for any room according to your needs: bedroom, living room, library, kitchen, bathroom and other room decoration. As you can see on the pictures, an elegant white sofa is very suitable to match the brown solid hardwood floor and wall of the comfortable living room.

Furniture decor and lighting ideas for industrial room style

The wooden tables, sofas, bookshelves or other removable furniture are among the iconic objects of industrial design and arranged to form unison decoration for every room … But do not forget that the lighting ideas also plays important role to get a perfect look. Some decorative lamps and bulbs in different designs and colors should be choose carefully, an industrial pendant high bay light can be the best choice to illuminate the dining room a tripod floor lamp to give suitable light to the library room … You can see all the decorating ideas on the picture gallery below …

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