How to choose fashionable paintings for a trendy wall decor

For layout the walls of a home it is essential to make full decor and add a touch of color to the spaces. Let’s see how to choose the paintings for wall decor in order to give a harmonic style to our home, for decorating the walls we can choose prints or paintings that are more suited to our style.

For home furnishing we are often considering the furniture decor and forgetting the importance of choosing the comfortable and suitable wall decor. First we have to choose the paintings and prints not only according to our taste, but also the equilibrium of the style of the room that we’re going to decorate. Posters and abstract canvases are perfect for a modern ambience and attentive to contemporary home design, while the classical subjects, such as nature and landscapes are better suited to a vintage furniture or Baroque style. Then we can focus on the content of the framework we hang, identifying the artistic movement and trying to match it to the environment that we are furnishing.

The types of decoration to be put on the walls are numerous and should be selected to create a harmonious effect on the wall decor. Small groups of Small Square can be joined together to a block form, but we should combine similar pattern between them. The largest wall is the most important to be left isolated, in order to give them the right space and to avoid overloading environment. The classic choices are the paintings, prints and photographs, but we can also use the tapestries, mirrors and colored towels. Remember to use the right frame, and use a mat for small images or needing breath along the margins. Choosing medium size to be inserted the image is crucial: an antique gilt frame style is perfect for retro living room, while posters and prints can be hung with the Plexiglas. Among the latest trends in interior decor we hung the paintings without frame, thick and with margins at the paintings side to create clean and simple lines.

Painting wall decor

The arrangement of the panels should be chosen carefully, the first point is choosing the right lighting which it will be the most valued, and we can also install the halogen lights to make them even more obvious. We can hang the paintings and select the colors that are in contrast with those walls and perhaps also with the furniture in order to revive the environment will be placed so they are at eye level, holding the base to at least 150 cm from the floor. In some cases it will be needed to hide the nails, painting them with the same color or use the plaster. Change the position of the images on the walls is a good way to renew the look of the room without buying new furniture.

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