Home remodeling project – Eco-friendly living room decoration trends 2013

The home remodeling project of decorating the living room has been achieved through the home decor trends experts on the television magazine for Eco-friendly decoration trends 2013.

Project Description

Sandra was pregnant with her second child, wants to completely redesign the ground floor, a large room of 900 square feet which includes living room, dining room and a playground for children. A modern-chic look is wanted for this space with an inspiration to the “Mad Men” that will appeal to Sandra but just as much to Sebastian’s spouse. In addition, Sandra would like to retain a large canvas that was in the dining room and a console with an exotic look. Sandra has no objection if Caryn divided space but then she wants to keep the impression of open space. To do this, Caryn has used two strategies: create psychological separation from the walls, and others from the ceiling.

TV stand furniture and wall sconces constructed from bamboo wood

Regarding walls decor trends 2013, wall art such as framed mirrors were used to separate the space of the dining room of the lounge area. The same was repeated vertical in the living area and Caryn created panels black bamboo as a built-in TV cabinet. But what about the beautiful perforated separation and made of recycled wood that was installed between the hallway and dining room as well as her little sister, a half-height partition, used to separate the games the rest of the corner space. Moreover, sections of curtains were installed under the stairs to the second floor to create a little hideaway for small Amelia but also very useful to hide toys.

Kids Play room- Larder - curtains - height partition

Regarding ceilings decoration ideas, Caryn choose belittle at strategic locations. The bulkheads, created from MDF sheets hanging with the materials made of metal were installed above the table in the dining room, along the corridor as well as above the lounge section. Moreover, a printed on recycled paper and created custom graphically from customer photos wall was also affixed to the fallout from the ceiling. It is certainly an original and winking topic of discussion at meetings incredible friends.

New home furniture have also been incorporated into the design including among others a beautiful table from FSC teak in MA modern furniture, a new sectional sofa for the living room and a center table metal, recalling the Mad Men style and used a Sebastian’s wheelchair kept in his garage for many years hoping one day stuffing and cover. Caryn decided that this day was coming and this beautiful piece of decorating idea is revived thanks to nimble fingers of Bloody Fabric and superb fabric “hound’s-toothC & M Textiles. Finally, the framework that Sandra wanted to retain was simply repositioned vertically in the corridor. Its dominant color is an olive green, was included in the whole space as a color accent. The once green-blue console installed in the dining area was painted with a metallic paint and repositioned in the corridor.

Finally, the sun protectors were installed on the windows to soften the space and contribute to get the clean look of the new home decor trends of the year.

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