Home office decorating ideas: how to choose the right colors

Setting up a desk for home office or simply managing the family library room is almost essential, as long as this desk has perfect height, it can be awesome ideas for decorating home office! And what about the importance of color around the office space in the children’s room on their motivation to get to work! Whether you have a small space to accommodate a desk in the living room, or you get an entire room color combination to crate calm and cozy atmosphere on this area.

What are the color trends to decorate home office?

Finding the perfect home office decorating ideas is quite easy; you can choose the right colors for the furnishing and office decoration to create a comfortable work-space while giving a cozy atmosphere for relaxation, serenity and conductive home office at the same time. To decorate an office area in the living room or bedroom or for the lucky one entire room devoted to green, blue and neutral colors like: gray, white, linen colors are preferred for printing to bring a calm and cozy atmosphere into the room. In a child or teen room, bright colors like pink and purple are associated with a white corner devoted to work an attractive space while separating it from other functions of the room.

Color ideas to organize a desk in the bedroom or living room

Home office decorating ideas - Colors for creating calm and cozy atmosphere

In this teen attic room, the office under the skylight area is visually separated from the bedroom by the color of laminate flooring. The black floor is reserved for the sleep part for privacy while the office area is predominantly white. The red metal trestles and chair is included with the keys in the bed cushions. Paint colors Luxens Leroy Merlin.  Or you want to check our previous post: living room decorating ideas.

The light green for decorating an office prints a calm and serene atmosphere. In this office overlooking the garden, tiled floor is painted in green water and the same soft green was taken to paint the blocks desk drawers. The light linen mural and air curtains patterns reinforce the impression of tranquility prevailing in this home office.

A desk that plays on the contrast effect of bright colors: the floor is painted bright blue and strongly contrasts with the intense green of the bottom of the wall, while the top of the walls are painted white to preserve the brightness needed for work space. Paint colors: Acapulco Blue Green Irish Ballad in Dulux Valentine.

In a child’s room, a harmony of bright colors is ideal for decorating the office area and enhances the lighting effect. Not to overload the space and optimize space, storage or smaller cupboards are built into the wall. Color Paint Shocking Pink No. 3, No. 3 purple tulip painting, Luxens at Leroy Merlin. See our previous topics: some ideas for decorating girls’ room.

A cozy corner office with a combination of linen color and delicate lavender create an atmosphere of relaxation and reflection. Paint colors: Gross Lin, Glycine and Nepal Clair at Dulux Valentine. Photo: Dulux Valentine Dare shades of purple to boost a workspace as for decorating the office. Little trick to increase the impression of headroom in the desktop area, the bottom of the wall is painted purple stronger than the top of the wall. Paint colors: Lavender, Blueberry Sky Parma Cream color collection Dulux Valentine. Check out also our previous ideas for decorating grey and white bathroom!

Green, white, gray, a color palette definitely conducive to decorating an office to create an effective balance between calm and dynamism. Here is a pistachio green that covers one wall and is included in the same tone for curtains while the rest of the walls are painted white. The soil is a light gray low contrast to sublimate the sweetness of pistachio green. Paint colors: green pistachio T2050-6 T2180-6 light gray swatch in Totem Tollens. Photo: Dulux Valentine The green water solids boost the pure white of this office space that maximizes natural light while table and wooden chairs provide a warm touch to the space. Paint Colors: White and Pastel Caribbean in Dulux Valentine.

To the office corner with this romantic room painted pale pink walls, a former secretary repainted in a set of pink ribbons, natural linen and chocolate boosts space. Paint colors: Bali Collection Pastel Colors of the World, Natural Linen, Rosewood and Touch of Pink in Dulux Valentine.

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