Home decor in shades of green – Modern and trendy decorating ideas

Are you planning to to decorate your home? Have you found the color trends 2013 for home decor? Here some points or we can mention it as tips and advice that you can take into consideration if you need to find awesome ideas to create modern and trendy decorating.

Home decor in shades of green-Modern and trendy decorating ideas

Some people may have different options in choosing the colors for their home but on this occasion we will focus to shades of green to make more modern and trendy look for decorating a home, but this color is extremely versatile with regard to home decor. Whether the amount of tones that alone change the environment or the harmonious combinations that green can do with other neutral colors such as brown, white or beige.

Home decor in shades of green-Modern and trendy decorating ideas-Picture

The darker green and sober are great for classic environments, especially those who wish to rely on the times in which the carpeted floor and divisions of coated wallpapers were imperatives to create a fresh and modern look. Some maybe consider it as “dry tones“, those colors in which there is a higher concentration of yellow pigment are lighter and brighter for home.

Home decor trends 2013 - Fresh and natural environment

Natural environment

Green is a color extremely natural – after all, the color is more connected to nature. Transpose it to our homes is probably easier than you think. The combination of the green colored “earth” as brown, beige or yellow roasted allow the environment to be light and fresh at the same time make your home extremely comfortable with cozy atmosphere. Farmhouses and cottages are always very “nice” when they are decorated in these color palettes, especially when combining these colors with natural objects such as flowers and plants.

Home decor in shades of green-Modern and trendy decorating ideas 2013

Modernity and fresh atmosphere

The contemporary design also allows the inclusion of green, mostly fresh and bright tones. The idea of this style of decoration is very simple: clear the decoration of what is superfluous, making functional divisions and practices, while part of the necessary comfort.

Thus, one of the best ways to apply shades of green decoration for your home, you can enjoy if this line is by placing objects striking and showy in the desired color. Since white is often part of the options in preferences for contemporary basic color, the combination of this with the green is certainly a wise choice. You just need to have something careful not to fall into excess and exaggerate the amount of green division.

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