Helpful tips and trends for decorating your office

The decor of an office must meet several requirements, must be able to reflect the company’s image, at the same time to make the welcoming environment for its employees and should be healthy for those who stay daily. To answer all these features there are special lines of furniture decor for office and offering functional solutions and appealing.

Modern office color schemes

One of the most in trends in office decoration at the moment is the open space, a large single area in which are placed the various workstations. It’s a great solution especially for those jobs that require creativity and continuous exchange of ideas, we can take a look into some popular company offices like Google and Facebook offices are just open space.

More and more frequently to the floor is used laminate flooring, which has the appearance of wood flooring, but not its delicacy. In this way the environment assumes a refined appearance, but it does not require the care of which the wood floor needs. In the market there are many types of floor laminate, the price of which varies depending on the thickness, the way must be mounted and the degree of electrostatic protection it guarantees.

The walls should be decorated in a minimal way, perhaps with original paintings or decals, which at the time are also used in most modern homes. Whether in the office are produced creativity is ideal to showcase the most successful work, so that any customer can immediately know who you’re dealing with.

The lighting is crucial, both to furnish further ambient, but especially for allowing workers to operate safely for eye health. In designing the desks are positioned laterally to the window or to direct sources of light, in a manner that this penetrates laterally without crashing on the screen or blind its user. Even better would be to put a lamp with variable intensity directly on the desk.

The chairs and desks, as well as lighting, must be chosen appropriately so that employees are comfortable and are not affected by long hours of sitting, while their appearance should be enjoyable. The best are those ergonomic chairs, which follow the contours of the body without force in awkward positions. Must therefore be adjustable in height, the backrest must be recliner and must have the landslide wheels.

In addition to the work is also thought to rest, that’s why must be designed break area where workers can interact with each other, but also where they can be greeted customers for a coffee and a chat to inform them that often lead to something good. It is thought also one space for storage, which must be suitable for Dox containers, the so-called binders, which have well-defined standard measures. The cabinets must also be equipped with lockable doors, so you can keep documents confidential or sensitive data.

Here are the ideas and trends for office decor!

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