Grey, white and beige room decorating ideas

A gray and white room decor is chic and timeless. Another nice and equally chic is a combination of beige and white room decor! Or maybe you want to decide romantic colors for your wedding room, here are 10 pictures of bedrooms decorating ideas where sweetness and simplicity are the key words.

Gray and white bedroom decor ideas are timeless chic room decoration

To decorate the room in white and gray, there are several ways of thinking. You can choose from the cleanness of white painting and then bring gray among its multiple shades of gray pearl for the room decoration or you can also use delicate colors such as dark gray, adjust contrast to create a cozy atmosphere at the room. Alternatively, a gray paint for the walls of the room, it is also possibly to opt for white for the ceiling and decline the white floor, one of the most important things is choosing the right bedding and decorative accessories. Whatever your choice, a white and gray room always emit a feeling of quiet intimacy.

Romantic Japanese autumn tree wall stickerIt is the trendiest bedroom decorating ideas for young adult where each color is designed to match surroundings. Here, you can see a pearl gray painting to cover all the walls. The large wooden platform that sustains a beautiful white mattress with a slightly more vivid to complete the smooth walls painting, the white gray soil suits the old cabinet and pure white is elegant for the ceiling painting. The bedspread uses the same shade of gray as the walls and the soft green border meets the pale pink and ivory bed linens.

The gorgeous room in white and gray-filled color is designed to match the decorative elements and to play the color that suits the white oak parquet floor. The mate white wall paint meets the pearl gray finish of the sub-grade paint, the contrast light which allows highlighting the lines of the room and enhancing the intimacy of the room.

The white bed linen is adapted for uniting the color code of the room. A white room decor starts from the floor to the ceiling that is punctuated by a vintage touch of wooden table ​​with double spotless curtains and gray pearl for pillowcases can be a trendier decorating idea for fresh and cozy room. To emphasize the white wall headboard, an autumn tree wall sticker will be more suitable for wall decor to get a romantic atmosphere. The touch of warm color is brought by the straw stool on the footboard.

To get a bohemian style for this chic white and gray room, white ivory painted wooden chair is the best choice to complement the decoration. Wooden shelf above the bed serves as a guideline to the underbody painted matte white and upper painted in white gray wall.

The white and gray stripes duvet cover and pillowcases are the perfect bedding color chosen to blend the white floor painting. To decorate your room in gray and white, you can also bring the fancy mixing each line with the decorative elements on the room.

On this room, the lines formed by the ceiling panel seem to descend on the back wall with the black and gray stripes fabric for the door curtain. Round and generous lines are made ​​by the suspension of Japanese wall sticker, and two large squares white pillowcases and the pink bed cushions to create a contrast to the white bed linen and pink fabric curtains on the window.

For the Scandinavian gray and white room decoration, the same set of lines made ​​by the prosecution and stripes fabric bedding. Facing the bed a wooden console painted in gray is supported. To reproduce a cozy atmosphere room with you, as you can see the picture, it is preferable to avoid the black clothes hanging outside your wardrobe in order to keep the color harmony. Trendy decoration such as tables and large mirror on the wall are also considered as additional decoration.

Beige and white to create the natural and sweet room

Gentleness and serenity reign in this beige and white room. The walls, woodwork and also furniture design show you the natural and sweet room colors which are not to be left behind; it also comes in a successful beige and white wedding room. To crack this beige and white room decoration in unison, it is recommended to use a light window curtain such as Voile Beige Ecru Stripe Curtain.

This room set is can be found on a vintage decoration workshop, the part of the brick wall has been preserved and apparent bleached like the rest of the bedroom walls, beige is performed by bed linen and wink with wicker bird cage and the framed print cover. The flowers bouquet in a ceramic vase complements the feminine and natural atmosphere of the room. Who said white color was too cold for a room? The refined decoration of this room shows that white and beige can be fitted into a set of rich and silky textures that launch an invitation to relax and unwind. The walls and trim are painted off-white, headboard, pillows and fur cotton come from a beautiful, fresh and sweet harmony of the beige and white room.

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