Grey and white bathroom: the simplicity of neutral colors

Grey pastel to dark grey room will be the trends in room decorating ideas; this grey and white bathroom design is sleek and purposed to go to the basics, back to nature or sophisticated for a cocooning atmosphere. A grey bathroom has the advantage to create all decor styles while focusing on the simplicity and elegance. For a sophisticated and soothing atmosphere conducive to the world the bathroom, paint, tile, concrete or grey marble tiles combined under white roof paint.

The simple and natural decorating ideas, Grey and white bathroom decor

To revamp the bathroom in grey and white, the worktop made ​​wood is stained very light grey, the mirror frame is made ​​from the same wood, its size and style makes a centerpiece for decoration of room bath. Marble tiles grey covers the walls including the Italian shower and bring a touch of color in the soothing atmosphere of neutral colors, towels comes in soft yellow. Anthracite grey polished concrete is honored in this minimalist grey and white bathroom. On the ground, a tile in the same shade of grey while black pebble up the floor of the walk-in shower. A grey and white bathroom that focuses on the contrast of materials is the trendiest color ideas to create a soft and soothing atmosphere. The simple appearance of the walls and grey floor is offset by warm shower curtain made ​​of white cotton and the grey carpet with large wicks. Check out also Grey, white and beige room decorating ideas!

Grey and white bathroom - Perfect colors combination

Grey and white bathroom - Marble Tiles gray Italian shower

Grey and white bathroom - Floral wallpaper decor

Grey and white bathroom - Elegant stainless bath

Grey and white bathroom - Concrete grey anthracite

Grey and white bathroom - Cocoon atmosphere

Cocoon atmosphere is in this room where the grey is around the island bathtub finish, it is orchestrated as a discreet floral decoration to soften sobriety walls and grey floor, you can also see our previous topic: Coordonne wallpaper, ideas for changing the look of your home wall. A large bathroom fitted grey bath to relax in peace in which almost everything is available in grey and white. Aesthetic and sophistication reigns in this retro bathroom or bluish grey paint to color the under-body are included in the bouquets of yellow flowers wallpaper. The old chair is revamped in the same harmony.

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