Furniture decorating idea that will be trends in 2014

Do you love to decorate your home with the latest home decorating trends 2014? This year we will have a little something for everyone, with a variety of trends for all tastes. While the vintage, natural and rustic are still considered being the most fashionable look, we can also add the luxurious and chic interior decor. As for furniture, simple lines, minimalist and elegant will be at one decoration idea. Find out which are the most popular trends in furniture.

1. Transparent Furniture

Transparent furniture, especially chairs, desk and sofas are gaining popularity. As we can see in the home decorating trends 2014 IKEA catalog, you can find some interior decoration elements in more luxurious and lighter materials. The furniture like tables and chairs are plastic. If you live in a small home, transparent chairs are the best option to make your home look more fashionable and modern. I recommend combining these chairs with a rustic table or cabinet for an eclectic and relaxed effect, it can also be paired with a black glass table for a minimalist and modern interior decoration style.

2. Rounded Furniture

The round shaped decorative items are also included in home decorating trends 2014, and this is also transferred to the furniture. The round dining tables will be popular with geometric bases. This furniture can be combined with retro and minimalist chairs to get the trendiest look in 2014. The round or oval side tables with a glass surface also will be most popular decorating ideas for the next year. But this trend does not stop here, the furniture with rounded edges, softer and classic will also be fancied. The pieces with straight lines will be less favored but you can match it with soft and round shapes to create a modern and trendy look.

3. Gold accents

Side table with golden edgesThe gold is back in fashion, although many people still think that it deserves to stay in another decade. If you’re one of them, do not worry, gold accents are hot although they are not considered to be match a totally green decor. A side table or shelf with golden edges can help you create a chic and luxurious interior decor in your home. Without spending much time, if you want to follow this trend, I recommend painting the legs of a table or a wardrobe handles with gold spray paint. You’ll see how this simple project can create a focal piece in your decor.

4. Antique pieces

As I told you, the vintage style is timeless and always be the trendiest in home decorating ideas because its original or restored materials. The classic English style, French or Victorian decorating ideas will be the most popular as they can give an elegant touch to every room decor. If you prefer a quiet country look, choose some ripened white pieces to present an elegant and classic touch, restored pieces used to be seen in its original condition and select the decorative items that have intricate details and manuals design.

5. Retro style and Art Decor

The retro style of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s take part in fashion, and the 20’s Art Decor design style have gained popularity since last year. The parts of these decorating ideas help to create interesting and appealing style without leaving the chic impression in your home. Do not be afraid of black lacquered furniture, the pieces of glass, crystal and geometric designs. The chrome and bronze colors also considered to be the next trends decor. The chairs and sofas with upholstery and velvet leather and geometric shapes will also be among the most vogue in the next trends, you can creates a modern eclectic style by mixing these items with minimalist furniture.

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