Five colors trends for home decorating 2014

Here are five colors that will become the trends  for the next season home decorating ideas. If a room in your home needs to be modernized, consider these trendy colors!

African violet bathroom wall decor

Comfortable shades for bathroom can be a great choice; the bathroom features are showing the latest decor trends 2014. The deep black countertop sink and tile and floor are balanced by the contrasting white sanitary design, lacquered fiber wood for the cabinet storage and shower. For the bathroom decor, the splash of violet textile leatherette paper enriches the atmosphere of a glamorous sophistication.

White and red poppy

White and red poppy wall color lights up the living room and some accessories are ready to adorn the scene. Driven by a new light, this living room is now decorated to its fair value. The “shag” carpet brings comfort and warmth to the previously stripped style room. For additional cushions, the sofa is thumbing its nose at its old look, while vases unearthed in liquidation and decorated with branches add an elegant touch. And now the living room decor trend is spruced inexpensively!


At first glance, the decor of the living room may seem complete: the furniture is arranged in space, wall color lights up the room and some accessories to decorate the room. But it still lacked a little something to make us succumb to its charm …

Grizzled jade

The vintage and modern comfort is combined in the warm interior decorating ideas,​​ a healthy environment associated with country chic style guest room. Upon arrival, the guests were immediately welcoming the whole house view.


With green walls painting, dapper ceramics and green plants; the bathroom takes on the air of tropical oasis. The clean lines and classic furniture definitely give it a Zen style. The wall decor is concealed under a long box with awesome ceramics. A round mirror softens the rigorous lines of the wall decor trends 2014.

The ceramic to the natural texture takes place on either side of this beautiful decorating ideas. This actually ensures a harmonious bathroom environment. This natural green bathroom decor will give the freshness of tropical sensation.

Monaco Blue wall decor trends

The owner of this basement collects bottles and objects in the image you can see the brand Budweiser since adolescence. Monaco Blue is one of the color trends 2014, a cold room that comes from the wall décor. This space was demolished in favor of a bar flaunting the best art. It is not difficult to imagine the atmosphere of partying going on in this bar!

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