Favored home decoration: Modern design and color trends 2013 – 2014

Although the retro style is making a comeback with a bang, it cannot dethrone the penchant for modernism. Faced with such enthusiasm, modern decorative style is still in vogue.

Overview of the modern trend in decoration

Just like fashion, decoration trends follow the changing times by becoming more modern. To avoid confusion, note that modern of home decor and futuristic are two very different trends in decoration. Indeed, modern design is similar to the contemporary style. The furniture and other accessories from this trend stand out for their innovative functionality and appearance, far from outlandish forms of products from the futuristic home decor trends 2013 – 2014. In modern design, style comes from the harmony between form and originality of the practical utility of the product.

In 2013 – 2014 trends, fans of modern design opt for pure colors in their interior ornament. White is the honor not only for its purity but also for its ability to enter into harmonious contrast with the bright colors such as red, green or orange. A blend of tradition and modernity is also possible by combining white with black. Used alone, the white is far from disappointing. Indeed, it can be divided into several shades and highlight the hands of a professional. The purity of the modern decorative style brings a luxurious dimension to your home.

Decorating trends 2013-2014 - Modern dining room design

Furnishings following modern decorative pattern

Besides the sleek style, the game is particularly interesting contrast to the modern decorative style lovers. To equip a dining room following this style, you can for example painting the room all in white. Then put the white in contrast with another color by dressing the ground with rustic wood. This button is used to eliminate the cold and change into a cozy atmosphere because white will bring into the warm atmosphere in the room. For the table of the dining room, you can play on the neutral color by choosing a transparent model. Then add a bit of nature by adding plants.

Regarding the choice of home furniture trends 2013 – 2014, you can opt for custom-made or proposed by the large retail decoration for your kitchen, living room and dining table. In both cases, you will get quality furniture. However, the price of high-end furniture does not always lie within the reach of every budget. If you have a budget, do not despair but opt ​​for imitations. To find the one that best fits your style; you have to consult the catalogs presented on the Internet. You can see the decorating ideas through the gallery below!

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