Fancy ideas to decorate your wall without paints

Frames, mirrors, stickers can be fancy ideas for decorating your wall … it is not always necessary to use paint to decorate your wall. Overview all this tips to customize a wall decoration without giving an outward appearance of paint.

Portraits and frames on the wall

Frames and canvases can be trendy choices to adorn your walls. Before starting with your decorating, set the sizes and colors for your decor. If you want to get vintage home decor style, wooden frames and family pictures in black and white are preferred to get chic look. To give more chic and trendy wall decor, release yourself on colorful frames that are suitable with your personalities! For London decor ideas, you can find pop posters such as bulldog or large Union Jack flag posters!

Hang a mirror on the wall

Other fancy ideas for wall decoration is using mirror. Personalize your wall without using paint with a large mirror. In addition to expanding the room, set a wall mirror to bring more trendy touches to your walls. Take measurements and choose the method of fixing before installing your mirror. Help yourself by drawing two visible markers to determine the bases of the mirror. Secure it with a drill or paste with a special sealant mirror very durable.

Nature wallpaper for kids roomGreen wallpaper

Among the techniques for customizing the painting of the wall, there is the green wallpaper. Originally, it brings nature into your home. Developed by the botanist and researcher at CNRS Patrick White in 1986, the green wall is increasingly in vogue. In addition to its freshness and original decorative effect, decorating a green wall will improve the air quality in your home.

Wall sticker decor

Another way to decorate a wall without using the paints, stickers can be an awesome decoration ideas for your wall, it adapts to different types of surfaces: cupboard, door, shutter and wall … clean the area with a sponge to remove dust and stick your stickers. Proceed with care and precision in placing the wall stickers to avoid tearing. Gradually unroll the adhesive backing so that your sticker is positioned gradually. Once your wall is covered, you can opt for natural themes on your pattern especially for kids room. Find other ideas to customize your walls in the pictures gallery below!

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