Exterior decorating ideas – Growing climbing vines around the walls

Have you ever thought about decorating your exterior walls with green climbing plants? Everybody wants freshness around their home. On this occasion we will talk about exterior decorating ideas by growing the vines around your home walls to create a soothing and aesthetics natural environment. For the decorating ideas you need to know several things to grow the vines properly at the house walls:

The different types of vines:

  • Climbing plant suckers: they adhere to smooth surfaces with an adhesive, so they do not need support (Hydrangea big none …)
  • Climbing to root-staples: their aerial roots cling to rough surfaces (Common ivy, charcoal  …)
  • The climber plants with twining stems: stems curl vertical branches (jasmine, wisteria, honeysuckle  …)
  • Climbing with tendrils: their corkscrew-shaped rods wrap around the trunks (clematis, passion flowers, vines, sweet peas …)
  • Mountain climbers: they cling to horizontal surfaces with hooked spines in mountain form. (Climbing rose, blackberry, madder, Bougainvillea …)

There are other types of rare creepers but you will have more trouble finding or maintaining them.

Exterior wall decor - Planting BougainvilleaHow to plant the climbing vines:

Before anything else you need to define where you want to plant. Some plants such as glycine cling to their trunks with surprising force to the point of deforming the surface. It is essential to choose the type of plants you want but also the support media (wall, arbors, tower, tree trunks …) but we recommend the suitable media: pergolas, arches, fences and walls.

You should avoid planting the vines during the winter or cold season, we recommend planting between September and April.

To plant you must first dig the hole right next to the selected media to grip. Immerse the mound in the hole and water to hydrate the roots should not form a bun. The root ball should be slightly inclined and it is essential to keep the soil moist so you need to mulch the surface to retain moisture.

How to maintain the vines

Maintenance is very easy, you just need to clean regularly within the mound and slightly trim the branches in the autumn. It is better to prune immediately after flowering plants for spring climbing to keep the bloom of the year.

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