Elegant black kitchen decoration ideas

The elegance of black kitchen decorating ideas often teases most of people! Black can give a trendy industrial kitchen style, comfort and ease as well. Here are the selections of black kitchen from the new IKEA catalog for a fitted kitchen decor.

A black and purple kitchen – IKEA collection

The trendiest open kitchen decor that is located right behind the black and purple chic lounge around can be the most preferred decoration. The kitchen takes a matte black finish to the fronts of furniture, black and bright orange worktop reserved the lights color to enhance the style of the room decoration.

Black and purple kitchen combinationFor a smooth transition to the living room, sideboard and decorative elements are also decorated on dark. To give a color between the living room and the kitchen, the removable bright purple partition is intended to match the matte black of the living room walls painting.

On the floor we can add a touch of cozy atmosphere by giving black and white living room area rug that is intended to match the lighting effect, for the kitchen cabinet with matt black effect we can choose Gnosjo which has 30X70 cm door dimensions, available at € 30.48 and for the rug you can opt for Lappljung Ruta 200×200 cm, available at € 74.29. Both kitchen cabinet and rug are available at IKEA.

Black and white kitchen, the bright light materials effect

We can opt for the kitchen decor ideas by using the effect of light materials. You can see the shiny dark furniture surface combined with gloss white finish and pure underground style tiling integrated with white finish, brushed stainless steel appliances and clear Plexiglass chair to suit white wall painting, everything in the kitchen is playing the lights. The kitchen cabinet you can choose shiny black abstract to add more elegant look to the decoration.

Black and gray walnut kitchen furniture

Another style for the kitchen decoration is combining the black wall tiles with the furniture color, but with the black splash wall tiles, it is needed black gloss finish floor tiles which incorporate the color of the decoration. On the picture you can see light gray walnut base cabinet furniture that brings the lighting effect to get the chic look kitchen decor trends. Sofielund Sun is the right choice for light gray base cabinet: 40X70 cm, price: € 21.50 IKEA.

The perfect combination of black, stainless steel and wood for a large kitchen

If you have a plan to remodel the decor look of a large kitchen, this perfect combination should take into account! To give natural atmosphere, the raw materials such as brick walls are really suitable to be mixed with light gray walnut wood furniture on the central. The floor tiles show the trendy color of the kitchen and the dark combination from the furniture blocks, the superb lighting ideas and window frames create a catalytic effect. Limhamn stainless shelves can be a good choice to complete the kitchen decoration.

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