Easy DIY Tips & Ideas for Fabulous Bed Headboard

A pretty headboard with these handy DIY tips can be a superb choice especially if you need to beautify the decor of your bedroom and give it a unique and cozy spirit at the same time. Here, we’d like to share some easy guides and inspirations to boost your room atmosphere using original or recycling materials to make a fabulous headboard, discover the simple decorating ideas for you.

Wonderful Do It Yourself headboard tips & guides

What better than giving a facelift to its deco room by using recycling objects? Home Decor Trends has selected ideas and tricks to get fabulous and original headboard and merge it with your bedroom decoration! Recycling materials, wooden boards, wallpaper… Use your creativity and apply these DIY decorating tips for a trendy bedroom, 100% recycling and unique, made ​​by you!

Chic DIY wallpaper headboard tips for decorating bedroom

Ideas for Fabulous Headboard with Original Wallpaper

Make a beautiful custom headboard using wallpaper. Draw and cut a headboard boss in a roll of wallpaper drop you for arranging it nicely complements the harmony room color already in place. Secure it to the wall with glue to wallpaper and voila. That’s a fabulous headboard to make yourself very easily in a jiffy, for a unique and inexpensive decor! See also the Latest Furniture Décor Trends in 2016.

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DIY Rustic wooden plank headboard ideas for vintage chic bedroom

Awesome Headboard with Recycling Wooden Planks

For a bedroom decor with a little rustic or even vintage-inspired edge with more natural colors, a fabulous headboard with simple wooden planks recovered on a construction place or in your garage will create a more awesome look to the room. Cut them to the size of 40cm increased to include the bed side table and secure them with screws on the corners. Nothing is simpler and greener than the wooden planks headboard to give charm and retro-inspired look to the decor of your room and create an atmosphere cocooning wish. Here to see Trendy Ideas of Home Decorating 2016 Using Pantone Colors.

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Refreshing DIY garden fence-inspired wood headboard

Garden Fence-Inspired Headboard to Do With Wooden Planks

Here on the same principle as the headboard pallet, wood planks are used to participate in the decoration of the room. A fence-inspired headboard is created through recycling wood planks fixed to the wall and painted in pastel green way to wash a headboard 100% natural and refreshing garden atmosphere. If you are good at drawing, you can paint a pretty leaf on the headboard. Otherwise, you can also apply simple stickers to beautify the room.

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DIY wallpaper & wood window-inspired headboard ideas

Fabulous Headboard Ideas with Colorful Wood and Wallpaper

Making a headboard yourself? Nothing’s easier! Use prosecutor drops you set on a plank of plywood against. And on the image above you can see a stunning wood window-inspired headboard which gives a unique vintage ambience into your bedroom, the wall is painted in sky blue to create a more cool, calm and relaxing environtment, or you can also decorate the headboard with paint according to your tastes and your desires or simply use masking tape to customize. Effect guaranteed! See also Yellow paint color to boost your bedroom decor.

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DIY Green painted wood headboard with antique effect

A Headboard Pallet Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor

What a beautiful headboard in natural tones! To achieve it, remove using a wooden pallet and pallet sleepers: Cut them in different lengths, attach them using two brackets and paint everything. A personalized decoration, easy to perform, trendy for your room! And how to recover the wooden sleepers go to the DIY Deco dismantle a pallet. You can also get inspired from the New IKEA outdoor catalog for summer season.

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Cheap DIY wood headboard tips for calm Zen room environment

A Wooden Headboard Ideas for a Warm Zen Room Decoration

You can create a Zen-inspired decor in your bedroom with a beautiful headboard. To do this, collect dark colored wood boards on an old piece of furniture or a fence that you no longer use, and then fasten to the wall. Feel free to fix two sconces to customize and enhance your headboard that will fail the character to your room. Don’t miss also 10 bathroom paint color ideas to make it a better relaxing place.

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Now it’s your turn to play with one of the DIY by making the headboard that looks the most original to the decor of your room!

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