DIY: Cozy Fall Outdoor Decor

Fall is one of the best times of the year to decorate. Warm colors, comfy throws, over-sized chairs, and pumpkin spice candles are a few popular fall accents that can help any home transcend seasons. As season changes, so does the weather. When the weather begins to chill, it is easy to forget about your outdoor space and focus your time and budget on the warm indoors. With holiday hubbub around the corner, it is easy to forget that fall is a great time of year to invest in and better utilize your outdoor space.

Start BIG

Toss out your sun-bleached patio cushions and embrace the natural colors of fall. The great part about decorating this season is that your color palate has already been determined by nature! Choose bold burnt oranges and reds to start and then move toward lighter accents to help balance the color. First, fill your deck and patio with burnt warm tones by changing larger outdoor pieces like patio furniture cushions, spray painting patios tables, and investing in outdoor rugs to better insulate and define the space.

Soft Accents and Lighting Options

DIY: Cozy Fall Outdoor Decor

Once you have created a base for your outdoor space, it is time to add lighter toned accents. Every fall outdoor space should include an abundance of patterned pillows and insect repellent candles. These items are the key to making your space cozy. Fill tables with candles and you will create the perfect source for outdoor lighting at sunset. You can also consider using a smallfire pit as a lighting alternative to abrasive outdoor spotlights for late-night outdoor entertaining.

Balance with Nature

Fall foliage is extremely beautiful.  Use your green thumb and situate potted plants throughout your deck and patio to make the space feel fuller.  Start by rummaging through your nearest thrift store to find fun and vintage alternatives to the average planter. This is an inexpensive way to add variety to your outdoor decor. Choose plants that are low maintenance and can withstand cooler weather at night. Bright grasses like Libertia Peregrinans can help extend the use of warm colors. Evergreen grasses can help givea space life even when leaves are turning brown and the green in your yard begins to dull. Last, try surrounding potted grasses with gourds and pumpkins to help give outdoor decorations a finished touch.

Warming Up

Unfortunately, summer weather must come to an end and the fall chill can hit hard. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome fall’s chill without digging out your mittens and legwarmers. Once you have created an outdoor space filled with warm and cozy pillows, cushions, and candles, you have one final step to consider. The final step to fall outdoor decor is to invest in an outdoor patio heater. You do not need to buy an industrial commercial heater that you might find on a construction site; you need a patio heater designed for smaller home spaces. Propane patio heaters are an easy and efficient solution to your outdoor heating needs.When selecting an outdoor propane patio heater, consider contracting propane cylinder exchange services so that you can stay warm and ensure that the propane cylinder has been replaced safely and by a professional. This is an easy, safe, and efficient way to bring warmth to your newly decorated outdoor space.

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