Developing a bathroom: here are 5 ideas to know

The bathroom is changing and with the elements that compose it. The small bathroom designs where we find small items: skimpy hoof bathtubs sinks … are not really enthused for nowadays trends. Today, the bathroom takes up the ranks: it is considered to be an essential part of well-being. Suddenly, the constituent elements are larger to be more comfortable and better equipped. Here’s what you need to know to develop a bathroom in an apartment or house.

1. The size of the shower, sink and toilet


Tray shower 70×70 cm is almost no more. The standard today is 90×90 cm.


The sink now takes place on a real counter-top that is 60 inches deep, offering the possibility of many things (toothbrushes, toiletries …) on hand.


The space devoted to WC (equipment and circulation space) is 80 cm in width and 130 cm in length.

2. The different sizes of bathtubs

Traditional bath 170×70 cm, we are past the top model that 180×80 cm, sometimes including a bathtub or irregularly shaped corner bath. Thus, the standard dimensions of a corner bath are 130 x 130, but they are also found that are 150 x 150 or 100 x 150.

Developing a bathroom - Smooth lighting idea3. Light sources

Front of the mirror

You need a powerful light to illuminate your bathroom but be careful, this light should not be aggressive and dazzle. Halogen lamps are recommended because they restore much natural light. Arrange the lighting sources, neither too high to avoid accentuate dark circles, not too low not to lengthen the nose. It is ideally installed around the mirror or you can choose the right colors for the bathroom floors, walls and decoration style.

Global Light

For daily tasks, you must also have an overall room lighting. A ceiling may do the trick. However, if your bathroom is equipped with a ceiling, recessed spotlights prefer. It is more discreet.

Ambient lighting

The bathroom is a piece of well-being, relaxation area. To support this expansion, do not overlook ambient lighting. LED colors embedded in the ground or neon color placed in a false ceiling cornice are examples of fixtures that create a relaxing atmosphere, if you are fans of the bathroom.

4. The distances between the different elements

The bathroom does not have to be big to be comfortable. But to facilitate the movement, it is important to follow certain distances between the different elements. Before your bath, you must have at least 55 cm to move and crouch without hitting the wall. 105 cm but will be more comfortable to benefit from a sufficient distance, enjoy the space or circulate both at the same time. In front of a sink or shower, it should have a space of 70 cm. Front toilet, 60 cm is sufficient. For more details you can also check our ideas for decorating the bathroom and how to choose a shower curtain.

5. The electrical safety rules

When the water rubs electricity, it is imperative to strictly follow safety rules to avoid accidents. It is also more in case of rental or resale. NF C 15-100 is very clear: it sets around the tub or shower four volumes in which devices are allowed or not, depending on their degree of protection (DP) and their class (of I-III).

  • Volume 0 (in the bath): you can only install lighting low voltage (12V), provided that the transformer is out of Volume 2.
  • Volume 1 (above the bottom of the tub up to 2.25 m) it is possible to install a tank water heater or water heater storage horizontally.
  •  Volume 2 (within 60 cm of the previous volume and up to 3m from the ground): you can set up some heaters; lighting class I and razor plug (20 or 50 VA).

Volume 3 (up to 2.40 m in the previous volume and up to 2.25 m above the ground) you can install all the heaters, washing machines and dryers as well as taken conventional current (2P + T 30 mA). Another safety feature, called “equipotential” is to connect them by a driver all the metal parts of the room: bath, plumbing, lighting … This avoids maintain between two elements a potential difference and the risk of experiencing electrical injuries (i.e. large chestnuts) if you touch the same time.

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