Decorating trends 2013 – Tips from professional interior home decorators

Home Decor Trends 2013 – We all certainly love the world of fashion and hear what is becoming today’s trends in clothes, dresses and styles. But what about your home? Do you think your home have all the decorating trends for its interior styling? It’s the time to update your home with the latest designs and trends in home decor: white furniture, folk prints, British style… The professional interior designer and expert home decorator will give you all the keys to decorate your home in the English Court.

Home …Is it fashion trends in home decor 2013??

Do you think your home is the latest trend? If you think it’s time to check the style of your home, do not miss the tips and tricks from the professional and expert interior home decorator.

Discover the colors that are put on furniture and walls, trendiest prints, seasonal basics …

Are you ready to make home improvement to your interior in order to make it the most glamor looks for all over the rooms including the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen?

It can not be whiter

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What are the colors of fashion this season? The target, it’s the total absence of color, white is still the major player in furniture, textiles and walls.

Passion for the natural

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However, the white trend is not alone, as some professional interior home decorators explains: “it Usually accompanied by the natural materials such as washed wood, wicker, teak …“.

Citrus Burst

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Do you want to take a bold touch to your home? Takes note of the expert council: “The citrus colors arrive very trendy: lime green, lemon yellow, mint green, strawberry red …“.

Tray of pastries

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The pale pink, which triumphed last winter blooms again this season. Is the recommendation of the interior? “It is mixed with turquoise and mauve, to generate a pastel palette that works a lot.”

Stamped to all

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This season is the trends for vertical stripesin white and blue colors with a very nautical“. Although, if there is a style that stands out from others is the pattern folk. Get ready to welcome you home to flowers of all colors and sizes and even small insects!

In addition, the British style comes to quilts, curtains and even dishes.

Expert tips

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Some expert interior designers have offered some decorating tricks: “White is a color that reflects all the light it receives and generates lots spaciousness” they are explaining. So his advice is to include a touch of color. It can be a carpet, a wall, some of the furniture … The result? “It creates width around those elements. Promotes much”.

The power of fluorine

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Are you determined to make a splash fluoride in your home? Then, you should bear in mind that everything that carries that color can be in the foreground. The rest will go unnoticed for the interior of your home.

Basic season

Tips from professional interior home decorators

Finally, the expert bets on basic three season: brightly colored cushions, a vase of white porcelain with a modern design and vintage style of furniture.

Cushion Forest (26 €) vase (18.50 €), and sideboard Kyle (€ 625), all of the English Court.

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