Decorating the bathroom – How to choose a shower curtain

The shower curtains are important along with other bathroom accessories available; items to choose carefully, because decorate the environment.

Ideas to change the look of the bathroom

The bathroom function is now increasingly important, you can change it into ‘service room’ through the decorating and furnishing to make it a comfortable place dedicated to relaxation, It can be an oasis where you can release stress on the evening throughout exhausting activities within your days. Furthermore it can be your private spa to upgrade your energy for your daily. Like every room, bathroom is also the object of attention and care, especially for the small details to the decoration. By now almost all the bathrooms that have a shower that are equipped with a cabin than glass or plastic, it is practical, comfortable and easy to clean, it is the real advantage of a shower cabin.

For a wall on which it is impossible to mount a shower panel or in a room that has not sufficient height for the installation of the cabin. It is precisely in such cases that we can find solace in the shower curtain, an accessory used by our grandmothers before, then by our mothers, but not for less fashionable because of its wide use, and the cost is extremely low, it is the fact that curtains is continuously renewed, in different ways, gradually more and more creative.

As market orientation

PVC shower curtain - ButterflyIn the market, there are various types of shower curtains, from the more classic, more traditional to the more fun, to give to our bathroom, a bit of fun and turn it into a game room. You can also turn to the appropriate sites of online sales, where the proposal will certainly be much more extensive and perhaps even lower prices. If you think you have a chance to coordinate with other textile shower curtain in your bathroom: from the carpets to the window curtains. Moreover you will gain the harmony atmosphere in the bathroom. If we have a more pop and modern bath, we can choose the bright colors, a large striped colors or polka dots just to give a touch of joy, of course, you need to take care to match the mat and towels with one of the strips to suit your bathroom look.

If we love a more moderate approach we can choose a light color instead, but not necessarily the usual white: there are the curtains with a ‘plastic or fabric effect’ often enhanced by small embroidery or delicate decorations that will make elegant look for the bathroom. Finally, for lovers of strong fantasies, there are shower curtains with large floral prints, or decorated with the beautiful floral patterns, or designs that recall the marine motifs. Of course, if the bathroom is the one used by the guys at home, choose the curtain with prints colors from the characters of their favorite ones.

Little tricks for a perfect shower

When we go to buy, and then put up the curtain around the shower tray, remember to observe a few simple steps, so as to make the most of its features. First measure yourself carefully the height at which to place the stick on which the shower curtain flow: should be put at a height less than the length of the curtain. If the curtain is shorter, in fact, leave out all the water, forcing a chore later. A shower curtain longest, otherwise, it sticks to the edge of the plate with a kind of suction effect, so that not only ‘seal’ the curtains to the plate, preventing the water to come out, but in a sort of ‘balloon effect’ is detach from our bodies magically avoiding hateful, I keep sticking.

You can also purchase accessories very clever: the weights that are inserted into the fold of the curtain forcing it to go down to lead, or the magnets, which fit more into the curtain folds, and that they stick to metal plates that will be mounted on the edge of the plate. Whatever choice we make, let us remember after every shower, to lift the curtain and allow suspended until it dries. The risk is that moldy, blackened and producing an unpleasant smell.

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