Decorating interior: what are the color trends in 2014?

Every year the trends in decoration change and evolve, but one of the most anticipated details is the prediction what will be the color trends of the year. These tones will be sees in some magazines, decorating catalogs and decor shops, so many people choose to apply it in their home.

The changing the colors of your interior decor are one of the simplest renovations you can do, and a quick and inexpensive way to keep your home look modern and fashion aware. This year will see many different trends in terms of colors, so surely you can find colors that you like and you can easily add in your home.

Colored gemstone

Interior trends 2014 - Gemstone colorsThe trends of wearing colored gemstone began last year with the announcement of Pantone color trends; emerald green also will be the color trends 2014. Thanks to the popularity of this color, ruby, and sapphire especially, have become to use for interior decorating ideas. Other colors such as amethyst, citrine, garnet and opal also become popular. These colors add elegance to the decor, and are perfect for accents. Also consider to paint a piece of furniture or a wall of one of these colors. The emerald has become a popular color used in large quantities.

Grey and black

The combination of black and white never goes out of fashion, but this year, along with gray, will become a trend. The all white decor is losing place, and instead are being added black and gray details to create a contrast. This color combination does create a varied and in depth, but modern and elegant. As you may know, this year the luxurious decor is back, and these colors help create that effect. If you want to achieve this look, removes accents you have other colors, and add this neutral furniture.

Warm metallic

The warm metallic colors are especially the gold and bronze, these colors will be one of the biggest trends of the year. These shades look good on almost any decorating style. If you want a feminine look, use pastels with gilded accents. For a modern look, you can use black, gray and white with brass accents to decorate your room. The gold accents look good even in styles rustic, ethnic and vintage. But be careful with the amount of gold. Use it sparingly, like frames, furniture edges or small details on a ledge.

Color block

The color block is popular decorating ideas for couple of years, and is not going anywhere. The contrast of colors creates a more striking décor and stylish. This year the colors will be more vibrant, and include the aforementioned jewel tones besides pastels and primary colors. Implements color block in textiles, such as curtains or cushions, if you prefer a more subtle style. If you’re not afraid of color, then paint your favorite colors furniture, the more contrast, the better.

Pastel colors

The vintage trend has become a popular pastel colors. These tones are popular in the 50’s, now they are on almost any surface, from furniture to walls and textiles. If you want a feminine look, these colors are best for your home. If you prefer a modern look, mixing these colors with dark neutral can be exciting decorating ideas. The pastel colors are perfect for implementing another year trend, gold accents. Use these colors as well in children’s rooms as they are soothing and refreshing.

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