Some decorating ideas to turn your room into natural style

You dream of a fresh homecoming and a soothing style in your bedroom? On this occasion we will talk about natural style decorating room ideas 2013 2014. After gave you some tips in romantic style decor in previous post, here we will try to help you to choose the right colors, add plants and shows you what are the furniture and the suitable lightning that will give the most natural style to your room decoration.

Choose the colors to suit the room style

When you want to create a natural room decorating style, everything is a matter of imagination but also moderation. The bright colors should be avoided. Orient yourself more towards colors reminiscent of natural tones that you could in your garden. For the colors, prefer white, and green, brown that you can accompany touch of gray, yellow (for “savannah” side), blue or red for the more daring. Regarding your bed linen, natural tones are always best choice for bedroom decor ideas. You can use pinkish or other color trends 2014 to boost certain rooms. If you opt for linen or floral or plant pattern curtains, you can prefer small discrete designs that give a more romantic style of your room decoration.

Natural style bedroom decor

Furnish the room in any kind of style

For your bedroom furniture, choose the furniture as natural as possible, several options are available to you. The material that you will get the report will obviously wanted wood and other raw materials such as; teak or wenge … to render more tropical exotic nuance. You can opt for natural bamboo fibers such as sisal to give more natural touch. This will not only increase the natural beauty in your room but you will also get a cozy atmosphere in your room.

Add plants to your room decor

While this decorating room style is often synonymous with vegetation, it must still be careful. Excess plants in an enclosed area can be hazardous. Indeed, the plants release CO2 during the night and it is not recommended to have too many plants in a room. However, some plants are essential for a natural decoration. You can lay it on the bedside tables of your room, potted ferns or bamboo. They give a very wild side to your decoration.

Bamboo laundry basket will give more natural look to your room decor with removable inner cover so it is easy to maintenance and has natural color.

Illuminate the room with natural lightning touch

It is important to create the atmosphere and the challenge is to lighten up the room. Decorating natural room is the trends for home decorating ideas 2013-2014 and it should have a certain “personality“. Although simple, it still has warm, bright and genuine and it exudes the freshness of nature. To achieve these effects is not complicated. This type of room style is not compatible with too bright and artificial lighting. Look for fixtures that diffuse a soft mood light. Use several small lamps that you will have in different parts of the room and accentuate the soothing feeling. The GRUNDIG table lamp can be a great choice, its base made of very exotic wood, stainless steel stand and Zen paper lampshade.

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