8 Easy decorating ideas to enlarge a room

When the space of the room is a smaller with the master bedroom is no doubt that the desire to sleep in a bigger room arises. Discover decorating ideas to enlarge a room that you can do easily with these simple steps below.

Enlarge a room in the loft

Decorating ideas to enlarge kids room

Adult or child’s room, to arrange the loft, you can place the head of the bed under the slope, and you keep greater heights for the office or the corner of the closet.

Where to put the wallpaper to enlarge a small room

Decorating ideas to enlarge a room - Wallpaper for bed headboard

The painted paper in a room is cool! When the room is small it is advisable to ask the painted on a wall paper, firstly because it is the current decor trends and other reason it avoids overwriting volumes. In the case, to enlarge a small room, it is best to put the wallpaper on the wall on which the bed rests.

Prefer stainless steel bed frames for a small room

Decorating ideas to enlarge a room - Stainless steel bed frames

A bed frame iron, copper or brass is preferred for decoration of a small room, lighter than air and wooden bed frame that is sure full fill the volume of the room.

The bed in the center of the room

Decorating ideas to enlarge a room - Centered bedroom

The bed is not leaning against a wall of the room is very trendy, beyond that, in a small room it saves a crazy place and have a bedroom decor much more airy.

How to hang curtains to enlarge a room

Decorating ideas to enlarge a room - Curtain and hanging wall decor

A simple trick to enlarge a room: Hang curtains and double curtain closest possible ceiling, so you get large vertical altering interestingly the volume of the chamber.  Or you can also see 20 well-dressed decorating ideas for saving space.

Minimalist decor for small room

Decorating ideas to enlarge a room - Minimalist decor

Go for a minimalist decor to enlarge a room, remove all accessories and small furniture which are not indispensable and bet on quality materials and a design or two objects.

Arranging the symmetric decorative items in a small room

Decorating ideas to enlarge a room - Optimized decorative items

Another trick to expand a small room, arrange the greatest possible symmetry elements as in this room: two large picture frames that are aligned with the width of the headboard, the same two bedside lamps and even topping not to mention the bed cushions which are also worked in pairs. You can also find some ideas for decorating girls’ room in our previous topic.

A headboard that does not take place in the room

Decorating ideas to enlarge a room - Colored tape headboard

Want a headboard but no place in the room? No problem, just do it as if drawing the headboard on the wall with paint, colored tape, united tape attached to the ground…. Remember, everything in the decorating ideas to enlarge a room is easy!

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