Decorating ideas: Interior Color Trends for 2013 2014

Are you planning to paint a wall? Or change the decorations in your home? Then you must consider what will be the color trends for 2013 2014. Like it or not be in fashion, furniture and decor stores have popular products these tones, so it’s good to know as you can use in your home.

In 2013 we can see from neon tones, to art decorating trends, so do not worry; you can find the perfect colors for your home according to your taste and style.

Bright colors

The bright and vivid colors remain popular. In 2012 the color of the year was the mandarin, and although in 2013 will continue to see shades of orange, this is going to a second paper. The color that is getting more popular is yellow, both in their bright hues like pastel. This color is perfect to add life to your decor, and can be used in textiles, walls, fixtures and furniture. Other bright colors that dominate this year are mint, turquoise and fuchsia. The neon colors are still popular, but in smaller amounts.


The neutral of this we can say that this year will be the target. For interior color trends for 2013 2014 is perfect to wear brightly colored background, and helps decor elegant and modern look. White also has the quality of larger spaces and makes them more peaceful. Use it on walls, furniture and textiles. Nor be afraid to use all white decor if you want a sophisticated decor.

Warm neutral

For other neutral we can enjoy this year, the most popular are the warmest. The gray is losing charm, and instead we see brown leather, olive and shades inspired by nature. The texture will be very popular this year, so use mix different shades to create dimension. For furniture, let the colors in the natural wood to highlight your furniture decor.

Wall decor

The colors inspired by the art decorating trends will also Pantone color, as you can see on the previous topic. Popular color was also the trends wall decor in the 20’s and 30’s are the warm gray, silver, lilac, green and creamy interiors wall decor. To counter these details clear, use dark neutral, like brown, bronze and nickel. You cannot miss the black either, one of the most popular interior colors for 2013 2014.

Purples and violets

Purples and violets for feminine decor idea

The violet, purple, and lilac, as already mentioned, will remain popular colors this year. These shades add elegance and femininity to the decor, and can be used in large quantities or small, depending on the look you’re after. The textiles in these tones are especially sophisticated.

Navy and light blue

The nautical style has made its mark in the decoration since last summer, and the navy blue is one of the colors that most inspire this kind of decoration. But you do not need to worry to decorate your home like a beach house to use this blue. The navy is a perfect neutral to add contrast, and has the ability to combine with many colors. Use this color for an accent wall or art. The sky also is gaining more popularity, accessories, walls and textiles. This color is quiet and a good choice for bedrooms and dining rooms.


Among all the interior color trends for 2013 2014, red is returning to the decor but in some unique moderation. This tone is quite striking, so use it sparingly. Choosing red sofa in your living room with white and red stripes floor for example, it can look great with neutral colors from the coffee table or other furniture for decorating your interior. You can also choose lighter shades or orange to make your room trendier and chic. For your inspiration, you can see the picture ideas below!

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