Decorating ideas for summer trend – Trendy room wall 2013 2014

It’s summer! Time to explore the colors and this hot season is the opportunity to realize our good mood in the decorating ideas for summer 2013-2014! Experience your ideas to get the decor trends for this summer 2013 2014 especially to decorate your wall with the trendier look of the season of course at an affordable cost! There will be something for everyone!

It’s time to realize all the small jobs that has been abandoned for years: repaint the walls, floors, renovate old furniture, reseal the cracks …

New color with new kitchen decor

Change the color of the kitchen can completely change the atmosphere of the space. Painting will be adequate for this particular room where grease and stains persist every day. Therefore, it must be prepared and adapted to avoid all the difficulties. Use the special paintings for the dirt and oil on the kitchen wall, paint it a thin scratch that resists moisture and grease.

Green kitchen wall - Natural and fresh decor 2014If the kitchen is open to the living room, play the colors to distinguish the two parts with a good painting. And why not repaint the furniture instead of changing everything? Paint the walls or the worktop using special paints. And the rustic kitchen will become a modern kitchen in a snap!

Dress up your walls decor! Let your imagination chooses what are the best things to do to suit the kitchen decor for example you can find a perfect colors for painting the wall, furniture and other appliances! If you decided to give it a neutral wall color then letter wall decor can be a perfect choice to get more fashionable look to your kitchen. On the colored wood, write the words you want to be a good a motivation for your daily activity. To make it easier, a small black background on white quote can be very pretty. To add another trendy art, some musical notes running around on the wall are the effect.

Create geometric shapes: strips paint to decorate and give a touch of color to the wall.

If your wall does not support to it, hide it with a slope of a bright or fabric wallpaper. The variety of patterns available on the stores will surprise you. Flowers, shapes, patterns, colorsThe wallpaper decor is simple and fast to get more chic look. The most important thing is finding a perfect painting to suit the wall and furniture decor.

For decorating the other room, you can combine orange and red colors for painting stripes the bathroom wall. Effect guaranteed! For bedroom or living room decor you can choose the most beautiful family portrait to decorate the wall, it gives you smile every time you pass through the room.

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