Decorating ideas for fall 2013: beautiful origami paper lampshades

The warm and natural is fashionable crafts, and here we show you a beautiful decorated lampshades, the Koushi lamps collection, a cotton handmade lamps, today is the turn of another great handcrafted in paper origami created by Dutch Studio, Snowpuppe. This design duo Hague turns a single sheet of paper into a beautiful light source.

The originality of these beautiful origami paper lampshades, Snowpuppe Studio lies with the material they are made, the cool light of LED bulbs and warm and cheerful paper color. Inspired by many figures, the beautiful origami paper lampshades have been designed in different patterns and designs which the light is filtered in original form, light and shadows in space. Thanks to the paper lamps texture, these designs will give a cozy light, create intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Origami paper Snowpuppe Studio lamps

The first collection is surprised us with a full of pastel shades soft and sweet palette, it’s perfect for spring home decoration. On this occasion, it is presented the new fall decorating collection with new designs and a wider neutral, trendy and beautifully made with gray, brown and white with an understated and natural result.

As happens with Koushi lamp from Snowpuppe Studio, besides it will be perfect for your room decor, the awesome lamps will also create a cozy atmosphere; the result will be proportional lighting in every room. But if yours are not the craft, don’t worry because they are not expensive considering its manual production, with prices ranging between € 50 and € 150 and you can buy them on their website or on Etsy.

There are different designs and formats, from ceiling lamps, standing or wall lamps with different finishes, and you can also choose the color of the cable, the socket and bulb holder. There is a collection in bright colors in gradient pattern, ideal for a child’s, kitchen and dining or study room.

The architect Nellianna van den Baard and industrial designer Kenneth Veenenbos form the Snowpuppe Studio where all lamps made ​​by hand. They work from flat pieces of paper to construct three-dimensional figures original, where its main priorities are to provide warmth to the light bulbs and beautify your home.

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