Decorating a country or rustic style, which one to choose?

For the rustic atmosphere, it can be great if you decide to give a country look to your home. To decorate a rustic or country style is one of the most elegant and warm decorating ideas. It reminds you to have a fun holiday in the countryside and enjoy a real fun time with family. This is why customizing your home with some objects that are evoking your best memories will be one of the most important keys to make your dream house comes true.

A family spirit

Prefer family memories and holiday through frames and other items for the house is warm and friendly.

Decorative objects

Rattan dishes and fresh flowers are unique table decorThe villas are identical to the green garden and fresh environments. The trendiest wooden objects can be associated with zinc or metal such as pretty bird cage, glass and porcelain will be more suited to accomplish your home into a trendy country style.

If you prefer to keep a touch of the modernity, mixing antique furniture and more contemporary elements can be a great idea.

On the walls you can hang the family photos on wooden, metallic frames or other antique items for wall decor. The wallpaper decor can be found in the bedrooms or living in rural or striped patterns and soft, pastel and natural colors.

Regarding the lighting ideas, the lampshades should be carefully arranged and designed to suit the colors of the room decoration! Straw, natural fibers or fabric flowers will be suitable to decorate the table. Choosing a floor lamp made of metal or wood is the right solution for a rustic style room. To warm the atmosphere light some candles is recommended in the evening. The candle holders are made of wood or metal, wrought iron candle holders will be more perfect to get a romantic touch in the living room.

Some rattan baskets and earthenware dishes are the best ideas to complete the dining room decor. A stainless steel teapot can be placed along with a bouquet of fresh flowers other old furniture and antique object is very pretty in the house!

Choosing the right colors and materials for decorating the room

What colors to choose?

White rattan furniture for country style terrace decorTo give a small country next to your home using a color from cream, white, gray, taupe, linen … It will be awakened by some warm touches like a bright red. Combine these colorful patterned, peas or broad scratches cloths. If you prefer a romantic atmosphere, choose the floral prints to get more femininity and lightness.

What items to complete the decoration?

Choose natural materials, wood, terracotta tiles, which go perfectly with the plaid fabrics. The wood can be weathered, bleached, oiled, lacquered or plain, protected by an oil to avoid stains.

The cushions, tablecloths, bed linen, table linen, terrace chairs and various home furnishing like fabrics curtains are made ​​of natural fibers such as linen or cotton. These fabrics can be embroidered with colorful lace or some various patterns; it’s all depending on your choice. Lace is the perfect choice for a rustic room decor.

Choosing some plaids or cashmere blankets for warmth and comfort

In the kitchen, the wood had its effect. This work plan can also be wood, stainless steel or tiles. To get the most perfect flooring ideas, oak, the solid wood or bamboo is perfect for cottage living style! There is the terracotta as tiles in the living rooms, dining room, living room and also kitchen. The detail ideas that give the charm look to the house are the ceiling beams.

The furniture decor ideas for rustic room

Install the old cabinets, an old buffet or pantry. You can find it on flea markets to get the most beautiful and antique furniture for your home. Furniture, the sofa or chairs should be sturdy enough for a rustic effect. Choose a wrought iron bed, large convivial table in the kitchen or dining room and library in the lounge for the authentic and originality of the country decor.

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