Creative ideas and unique home decoration

Certainly many people do not know that there are unique objects can be used as a complement home decor. What are the unique objects that can be used for creative home decoration ideas? Here are some creative ideas for those who want to add “little odd looks” to their home without ignoring the aesthetics:

Creative ideas to create a unique home decor

Table from surfing board

Purchased from a vendor that makes a table of the sled and skis, a small table for the living room can provide a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Moreover, if the mood of the room with a nautical touch of blue on the walls so this table furniture would be very suitable as a complement to the home decor.

Rattan Hanging Chairs

Rattan chair is different from the usual chair, because it does not have the legs of the chair. Seats are subject to the ceiling with a strong rope. Simple design with a white feather decoration cushions makes this chair is perfect for teenagers room design.

Canoe as Roof Decoration

For a classic American house style with woody nuances, decorating inspiration using canoe roof will add to the uniqueness of your home.

Hanging mirror

When you run out of land to put a glass wall in a small bathroom, this hanging mirror inspiration can be a great idea to save space.

TV spot from Buffer Canvas

If your living room is too small for a TV cabinet, the idea of ​​using the back of the canvas as a replacement for TV cabinets might be a solution. It’s just used the back of the canvas cannot use a normal canvas back, but the back of the canvas is made specifically to put heavy objects, such as those designed by Vicente Wolf.

Bulletin Board for the Hanging Lamp Framework

For those who are confused because they have a super small apartment (like a studio type apartment), items that are multifunctional and can be used to save the precious space of the house. As performed by the design consultant Ellen O’Neill, he uses the framework of the chandelier to keep notes, lists, maps, sketches, and even a hat hanger.

Rope Railing Ideas

For those who have a small staircase width, they could use a rope railing to save space compared to traditional suburban household. With a touch of the carpet and rope ladder designs you can create a classic yet unique decoration for your home.

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