Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas for your inspiration

Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas: simplicity of cottage style

Today we bring you inspiration of Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas. This style is very popular for almost people and quite similar to the English style decor and has enough similarities to rustic decor. For this reason Cottage style rooms show a homey, warm and often elegant, rustic though it may be. Whether your kitchen is large or small, this style will always look good in this space.

How to decorate the walls

Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas: cream kitchen wall and furniture

When you are looking for some Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas, usually the colors are cream, white and brown used to paint the kitchen walls, but we can use the colors we want but it is always preferable to be pastel colors.

As with the English style decor, it is preferable that if wallpaper for the walls used to be cheerful prints and a bit rustic.

We can decorate the walls with pictures of ancient landscapes, or to adorn the dishes and floors exaggeratedly. Small indoor plants are a good choice, a small pot with edible violets; parsley can help us a lot. These things make the kitchen look homier and more comfortable. See also Rustic Family Room Decorating Ideas for winter 2014!

Cottage style kitchen furniture

Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas: Cottage style kitchen furniture

When it comes to decorating a cottage style kitchen, we must appeal to rustic furniture. Therefore, simple wooden furniture design is the most wanted. Of course there are modern cottage style kitchen designs, combining high-tech equipment with rustic wooden countertops.

If you want to grow old paint some furniture or kitchen furniture to be more stick to this style, try it with white color. However, there is other furniture like patinas for decorating the kitchen to cottage style.

Curtains and textiles to decorate

Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas: curtains and textiles to decorate

For kitchen curtains we can choose cotton fabrics of the same color of the wall, similar to the prints hanging or pastel colors. We may also use lace curtains. This type of curtains always leaves a touch of elegance wherever they are placed.

To give a more warm and homey touch to the kitchen, we can put folders woven or embroidered above the furniture; example, the cupboard, the carver or some of the appliances, top of the refrigerator or oven. Discover also our previous topic: IKEA kitchens catalog 2014!

Ornaments and utensils

Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas: ornaments and utensils

To get more impressive, we can also have jars of preserves, not only inside the cupboard or a showcase how our grandmothers did, but also on shelves and ledges. This will give others a warm and homey look to the kitchen, allowing you to reuse plastic glass and garnish with herbs and spices grown by you.

No change all our kitchen utensils to decorate cottage style kitchen, but it is always preferable to use tempered pottery, but can also be rustic metal, wood or plastic cream and pastel colors. Here you can find inspiring pictures and ideas of Cottage style kitchen from

I hope these tips for are useful to give your kitchen a warm style you are looking for. If you are interested in these Cottage style kitchen decorating ideas, find more tips and trends in home decorating with us.

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