Color trends 2013 – 2014: The transparent furniture decor

Since the famous Louis Ghost chair designed by Philippe Starck, the transparent furniture glamor in domestic recent times. Tables, chairs, stools leave the stage and allow reflected not break opportunities. An interesting especially when you live in a small space special. The craze has spread and transparent furniture is becoming more likely to invite into our decor, even in the great outdoors. Also they fit flawless in your home, learn how to combine them with the transparent color?

Carte blanche color with bright transparent furniture

The transparent polycarbonate or glass furniture offer some advantages, they marry all decorative styles and all colors of the color trends. But the bias in their decoration that will delight it is to play the card of bright colors. To adopt only keys to magnify the brilliance, invite no complex, fuchsia pink, crimson, lemon yellow, blue overseas or turquoise. You will provide a touch of vitality to your decor and really emphasizes your transparent furniture.

The pure white, combined design with transparent furniture

White is the neutral color, less risky to associate with your transparent furniture. Combining all the colors to the color spectrum, the white is a great value. Its whiteness and purity is often trendy fashionable in the interior design, which is why associate with transparent furniture is to strengthen the contemporary look of your decor. White walls, white furniture and white textiles will boost thanks to the materials it will provide relief.

Color trends 2013-2014

Contrast transparent furniture with rustic colors

Rather unexpectedly, the combination of transparent furniture with rustic furniture and colors in tones of brown create surprise. This combination is 100% contrast between modern design transparent chairs and the rest of the inspired home decorating ideas campaign in opposition put two different styles. It is precisely this set of styles that adds character to the room.

Black goes so well with transparent furniture

Add a Flemish spirit to your decor by betting on black or a gray charcoal, for the most fearful. This shade provides a very fashionable cocooning atmosphere to the room with a friendly environment certainly at home. Preferably selected from a matte finish on the walls so that it absorbs natural or artificial light, it will contrast with the glossy appearance of transparent chairs. On the ground, do not hesitate to extend the cocoon effect by choosing very warm brown parquet. Discover several atmospheres deco furniture with transparent color to inspire you. White, bright, black and brown are the fashionable and trends colors for home decorating …

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