Classic style: Decorating room ideas to get trendier look

The classic and vintage style is always on top of decorating trends! A wave of nostalgia of 60’s style decoration invades your home and brought up to nowadays decor ideas! These home decorating ideas make you take inspiration and ideas for your classic decor!

Through the ages

Vintage decor has changed for several times and that is why it includes different styles. For example, in the 50’s decoration style, the consumption increases for home innovations. Materials such as plastic will be dominant for the style so you can see Americanized look through this decoration, the rounded shapes objects like the fridge, toaster, or the famous jukebox. Today the brand SMEG vintage fridge is a great choice thanks to its classic style available in wide range of colors.

Outdoor baby boom is showing the 60’s decor style, the focus is on the gays printed with flowers or peas, and the wallpaper is all the rage! The round shapes are always appreciated. Andy Warhol also been there and can be found on the walls.

The decor is also inspired by the 70’s “Disco era”. Bright colors, red, orange, pink, purple, green, this is a color trend for decorating ideas at the time! The prints are in vogue with psychedelic or geometric shapes. The decor is very fascinating and fun and the plastic is still a very popular material. Remember the famous disco ball to make a little festive touch!

The 80’s pop decor ideas! Not only the lightning and leather sofas but also the arrival of a lamp with right angle form. The design made its debut!

Retro style living room decoration ideaThe romantic vintage and contemporary

The retro decor can create the romantic! For this we choose natural materials and linen textiles. The colors are rather neutral: cream, pink ages, and chocolate. The furniture side, wrought iron is very nice for a retro decor and cozy atmosphere.

The vintage-contemporary decor, vitamin colors and piggyback to the trends! Contemporary decor ideas are the rather cool vintage touch for the basic but will warm the atmosphere! Find the right balance for a harmonious decor in your home. Play with different materials such as stone, metal and natural wood. The style is modern but uses the materials of past and present as well.

Vintage wall decor

The 60’s decor, retro or vintage styles use a lot of colors so you should select well to prevent your home becoming gaudy. Limit yourself into two colors to match a basic white to harmonize everything. Thus, the colors arise on a wall or around doors and windows.

The metallic shades are also trendy or you can choose silver and gray to give a beautiful shine effect. As for lacquer paintings they bring modernity and light. If you choose darker colors, opt for steel and slate with shades of gray and brown.

The wallpaper decor is a key element in this style of decoration but then again it should not be abused to avoid an overloading room. Use the frieze or customize your furniture! Effect guaranteed!

Other useful tips: Combine the paints of your wall with wallpaper decor and paint the other walls with the lighter color of the pattern.

Retro floor

Are you confused to choose the ideas for the flooring? You can opt for the natural floor. The carpet can be warmer, ceramic or stone flooring will give a unique style for comfort and practicality for decorating the floors. For decorating the walls and furniture, we recommend you to choose the retro style floor because it is a neutral and made of natural material that allows you more freedom. White tiles are also suitable for the trendy classic decor ideas.

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