Choosing the right bedding: opt for suitable colors, patterns and materials

For a comfortable night sleeping, a moment of rest and relaxation, it is better to choose bed linen carefully. Learn some tips for making the right choice. From the vintage raw linen canvas to the modern fine silk through the softness of flannel cotton, the materials composing the bed linen have evolved to adapt for our needs and desires. As for colors and patterns, the choice is so broad so it is sometimes difficult to navigate. One of the most important things is opt for beautiful ornament linen for your bed to match the room decor that will take on a whole new dimension.

So what are the selection criteria?

CIRCUS printed bed linen for cozy room decor

A series of rows and dotted patterns adorn this ornament and give an eye-catching graphic view

Choose depending on the size

To ensure a good night’s sleep and rest, we must first make the choice the size of your bed linen. The majority of people have beds measure 140×200 cm. In these beds, you need a cover sheet of the same size that will be well shot across the mattress. The duvet cover suitable for this size bed should measuring 200×200 cm or if you prefer it falls on each side of the bed without dragging on the ground, you can choose the size 240×220 cm. If you have a bed measuring 160×200 cm, 180 x 200 cm, or 200 × 200 cm, sheets corresponding cover are the same size and matching duvet cover measure 240×220 cm for a 160 bed 260×240 cm and a bed for 180 or 200. For a single bed says standard which measures 90 cm in width, the fitted sheet is associated with the same size. For duvet cover, standard size and most marketed is 140×200 cm.

Choose by materials

In terms of bed linen, the choice of materials is large and depends on the taste of a whole each. However, cotton is the noblest and the most used. It is a matter natural, comfortable and strong. Flannel is a winning choice. This material is longer recommended in winter because it provides a warm and comforting side. As for Flax is an ideal solid and very breathable in summer. You can also choose satin to spend a sensual night with your partner.

Choose by colors and patterns

The choice of colors and patterns depend primarily on the design already present and the atmosphere we want to shine through. If the ornaments are still full trend, nothing prevents little original and fresh trimmings. With United, it is quite simple: you overlay the colors together according to your tastes. But it is also possible to mix them printed. And for that, get inspired creators. You then discover that the stripes combine happily with flowers. Other detail: superposition of pillows of all sizes at the head of the bed. Ask two square pillows and overcoat, two rectangular pillows.

Printed bed linen is also becoming trends in 2013. All colors and patterns are all allowed to make your bedroom to be a total pleasure place. Discover our selection of pictures printed bed linen below!

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