Choosing the best area rug that suits to your room decor

You want to change the rugs but hesitate to choose the right one to suit your home decoration? First, you should focus on the dominant color of the carpet or rug and then you can choose a plain or patterned carpet in the decoration of your home.

Selecting rugs color

Whether plain or patterned, the carpet should complement your decor. But some rules to help you choose the color of the carpet to fit the room decoration. Ask yourself what is the right carpet color that will be in your room? Light colors like pastel blue or creamy white are suitable for the rest of the room especially if you want to create a peaceful Zen atmosphere. In contrast, maybe you prefer to choose the bright colors for the room. A bright red carpet will give an awesome effect especially for a living room. The orange or yellow are warm colors that suitable to be placed alongside the other colors to make up your room decor. These colors will give a different touch for every room. In studious rooms like the living room, soft and Zen colors will be ideal. You can opt for beige, light gray, taupe or chocolate.

Patterned area rug - Fitting the furnitureFitting the rug color to the decoration

Which one to choose, plain or patterned carpets? If you are interested to the monochrome decoration, you will find a wide range of colorful cheap rugs. In a lounge with light wood floors and white walls with a black leather sofa, we loose on a carpet with flashy colors. The opportunity or never boost your decor! Attention in the interior already rich colors avoids the fault of bad taste and is confined to carpets united with light colors that blend in with any decor.

Choosing patterned rugs for your home

For some reasons, choosing trendy rectangular colors rug or cut flowers carpet tile can be a good decision to match your decor if you have a modern or contemporary living room style. If you have chosen the patterned or colored rug, keep in mind that the pattern and color of the rug should be consistent with your furniture. Your room consists of angular furniture? Break this appearance strict with unstructured carpet patterns or design. And why not choose rugs with large spots? The trend is on the graphics and colorful rugs, so enjoy! Conversely, if your furniture is very stylish, stay sober with discrete carpet patterns.

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