Choosing glass block for brighter bathroom ideas

To build glass block window in the bathroom is a bright idea! Filtering the light while protecting the view, the separation of glass blocks windows can separate spaces in the bathroom and give free rein to our imagination through its shapes, height and colors.

Glass block for brighter bathroom ideas: shower glass blocks

Overview the advantages of glass blocks in the bathroom. Here some ideas for choosing glass block for brighter bathroom!

Glass block colors in the bathroom

Glass block for brighter bathroom ideas: modern glass bricks

The advantage of glass bricks is to create an opening on the outside like a window and thereby increase the brightness in the bathroom without having to ask permission! In this bathroom, glass bricks neutral and blue combine to lighting to bluish in harmony with the chosen to decorate the bathroom blue theme. Discover also 5 well-organized laundry room decor ideas on our previous topic!

Glass bricks partition to separate bathroom and bedroom

Glass block for brighter bathroom ideas: bedroom separation

To make a beautiful light in a bathroom to the bedroom suite, do not hesitate to build a wall with glass bricks; you can enjoy the supply of light while maintaining privacy to space. See also ideas for interior color trends for 2013 2014 on our previous topic!

Bathroom decor ideas with blue light effect

Glass block for brighter bathroom ideas: color effect

The wide range of colors of glass blocks to associate their color to the dominant color of the bathroom like here with these blue glass bricks in perfect harmony with the work plan and navy towels with a blue more pastel.

Create an opening in the bathroom with a wall of glass brick

Glass block for brighter bathroom ideas: luxury lighting idea

To create a bathroom where natural and peaceful atmosphere prevails, creating an opening to the outside on a portion of the wall with glass bricks that provide diffused light to relax without the need to file a building permit.

Joliet glass bricks for white wall

Joliet glass block for brighter bathroom ideas

With glass block wall and shower can build squared, a good way to isolate the shower while maintaining good lighting in the bathroom.

A partition to separate the bath space in the bathroom

Glass block for brighter bathroom ideas: bath space separation

Enjoy a good light throughout the bathroom while creating a more intimate space around the tub with a brick transparent glass rising floor or ceiling or even wall at the correct height.

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