Brighten Up the Bedroom By Selecting The Right Bed Covers

When it comes to decorating, bedrooms are often neglected and forgotten. However, the bedroom should be at the top of your list when you’re improving the house and making it your own. You start every day in the bedroom, and you end up there every evening. You deserve to have a space that’s calming and attractive. You’ll sleep better, and you’ll wake up in a better mood when the bedroom looks great. You also won’t be embarrassed to show your room to friends when you give them the grand tour of your home.

Start with the Color

Bedroom decor ideas - Earthtones

Color is important in every room. The bed may be the primary focus of the room, but it’s lovely when the bedding coordinates nicely with walls and the other furnishings. While you don’t have to spend a fortune on specially coordinated bedding, paint and furniture, you do want to keep things consistent. If your walls are painted in cool tones, then cool shades will look great on the bed. Earthtones on the walls can be brought to life by brilliant jewel tones on the bed, or you can help relax the atmosphere by going with a monochromatic look and choosing soft earthtones for the bedding. If you bring a bedding set home and it clashes with the paint and furniture, then you should return it and try a different color.

Have Fun with Patterns

Bedding ideas - Knotted squares pattern bedding

Patters are fun, but they’re not just for the young at heart. While bold prints of flowers or characters are great for children, even married couples will enjoy some patterns. Plaids and paisleys are perfect for people of every age, and they are timeless choices that never fall out of style. Tread carefully with patterns, however, to avoid overwhelming the room. If you already have patterned wallpaper or painted finishes, then you may want to stick with solid colors on the bedding.

Remember the Accessories

Bedroom decor ideas - Accessories and headboard

Accessories are key to any fantastic bedroom. The bed skirt doesn’t just hide the items you store under your bed. It also adds visual style to the room and makes it more appealing. Decorative pillows fill the area along the headboard and make the room more attractive. A coordinating blanket on a bench or draped on the foot of the bed adds interest and carries the theme throughout the room. However, it’s also important to use a light hand with the accessories. You don’t want to spend too much time clearing extra pillows off the bed, and overdoing it can make a room feel oppressive. Accessories are a must, but you should take care to avoid going overboard.

Embrace Shapes

Bedding ideas - Trendy blanket

Blankets and quilts are usually a simple rectangular shape, but they can be finished off with decorative scalloped edges. Pillows come in a range of shapes to add interest, and even bed skirts have unique shapes along the hem that make them more interesting. Choosing accessories with unique shapes will help you create a stunning bedroom that stands out and looks amazing. Before choosing simple straight lines and surfaces, look for different shapes that will help you change the look in your room and make it more interesting.

The bedroom may not be the heart of the household like the kitchen , but it’s still important. Most of your guests will never see your bedroom, but it’s the first thing and the last thing you see every single day. This should move it up on your list of priorities. You deserve to awaken and fall asleep in a room that’s attractive and relaxing, so take the time to decorate your bedroom with beautiful bedding and special accessories.

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