Trendy blue room decorating ideas 2014 for the most convenience bedroom

The blue room decor opens lots of possibilities atmospheres colors as shades of blue are numerous. Shades of teal, navy blue, turquoise marry with deep colors like black, anthracite gray for a decoration or original wiser room with white or pearl gray. Whatever the shade, blue is certainly a color that brings softness and serenity in the room. To add the latest and trendiest idea of the season, here are some trendy blue room decorating ideas 2014 and blue room paint with beautiful photos to inspire possible color combinations.

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: serenity in blue decor room

A blue bed room decor for tranquility atmosphere

It evokes the dream, escape, tranquility, blue color has on our emotional benefactor power, it even appears that the blue would be a cure for stress. So no wonder the blue, either a light blue or intense is a favorite colors for the decor of the room. Choosing a painting in shades of dark blue in a room like navy blue, Lapis Lazuli or intense turquoise blue on the walls associated with or supported a clear gray, with white, almost inevitable with the color blue, bring warm colors with brown, chocolate or driftwood with furniture, carpets or upholstery to create an intimate cocoon in adult room. Do not dread the use of intense blue in the room, far from diminishing the sense of space, they promote serenity and create a modern atmosphere or design. Shades of light blue, far from creating a classic atmosphere in the room have the power to illuminate the room and increase the sense of volume.

A blue and black bedroom for a Zen atmosphere

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: black blue bedroom Zen atmosphere

On this trendy blue room decorating ideas 2014, it is punctuated by the impact of two colors of paint on the walls. The deep black color blue paint, combined with gray blue walls, prints a contemporary touch while ebony furniture, decorative objects and bamboo straw mat and graphics evoke the serenity of a Japanese-style decor. A successful blend of style and harmony blue color around the room is meant for a decidedly relaxing touch. Discover also choosing an ideal bed linen for Zen style bedroom!

A turquoise blue and brown bedroom, two colors to create calmness

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: turquoise blue and brown bedroom

At first sight a classic room decor, but if we look closer, the impact of the color of the walls takes over the classic style furniture. The intensity of the turquoise blue paint on the walls, reinforced by the pristine white furniture and decorative objects gives the room a contemporary twist without any atmosphere. Turquoise blue and white, two cool colors which require the addition of warm tones, so it’s a chocolate duvet that is chosen to match the oak flooring color. A happy wedding colors in a room from which the turquoise becomes an element of decoration in itself.

The effect of blue of Lapis lazuli and gray for adult room

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: lapis lazuli and gray for adult room

Difficult not to crack the room where deep blue and pearl gray opposes to create a perfect harmony. The decor is clear and effective approach: We start with a dominant color, in this case a blue Lapis lazuli, it is declining in various media, mural, carpets and cushions and strengthens neutral colors, pearl gray and white on the other walls and bed linen. Then the agency room with stained dark wood furniture is intended for bringing a warm touch. The whole forms of a harmonious room design in which the intensity of blue is the main element decoration. Note the mirror placed on the floor which doubles the effect of Lapis lazuli. Check out also 12 inspiring ideas for decorating grey bedroom!

The use of navy blue in a room, but not too much in furniture!

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: navy blue in adult bedroom

On this blue room decorating ideas 2014, nothing is better than a navy blue paint to give the temperament to the decor of a room, especially when the architecture of the room is complicit. You’ve now seen, gray is the color of choice to associate with the blue in a room, be it a pastel or deep blue, the combination of these two cool colors form a relaxing and resting equation. As in this room, adding a bluish-white rather than pure white to paint the ceiling, next to the powerful impression of navy blue envelope room a sweet intimacy. Other advantage shades of dark blue like navy blue, they suggest or impose a reduced to the minimum necessary so as not to stifle volumes room furniture.

A faded color in adult bedroom blue paint is very soft

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: faded color and blue combination

This is a nice faded blue that serves as the backdrop for this room adult. Used to paint without distinction the molded base and top of the walls soft blue is the basis for plant dreamlike ambiance of the room. Vases and pillows add a touch of color with strong blue magic Klein enhanced by mustard yellow chair, small table and vinyl flooring with warm brown. Find also Decorating interior: what are the color trends in 2014?

Deco same approach for a completely different atmosphere in this room in retro spirit. Gray blue pearl effect paint sets the scene. Nice balance of your ivory and blue gradient revealed by the bright yellow of the lamp.

A blue and beige bedroom, timeless harmony

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: blue beige combination room color

If you dream of a blue and beige room but hesitate on the choice of colors to combine, bet with closed eyes on a medium tone, for example indigo blue for the walls and surround the pearl gray, you can repeat abundance as in this room with photo frames, bedside tables pull exactly the same pearl gray, with bed linen and cushions, the passage you to enjoy a reminder of indigo blue, and there do not worry you get a perfect harmony between the shades of blue and gray colors.

The bluish gray an alternative to hardwood in a blue room

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: bluish gray in blue room-decor

Between a deco gray or blue room, balance your heart? A shade you will remove any doubts, the bluish gray. Refined color for a room, besides it offers the luxury of a room suitable for both female and male. Combine shades of bluish gray to white walls for a bright room without forgetting keys warm tones with one or two elements deco wood.

Brown in a blue room with style

Blue room decorating ideas 2014: dark brown with blue

A blue paint on the walls of the room from the clouds shades of brown and gold for the serenity of the trip, the secret of a successful decoration for a guest room that you want to cuddle.

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