Blue for decorating the room: the coolest decoration ideas ever!

A blue is a color that can bring more comfortable, relax and cozy atmosphere if it’s adopted for room decorating ideas. Furthermore blue can be easily customized to fit the other colors such as pink, yellow, red or the neutral colors such as white, brown, cream, pastels and more. So if you have a plan to change the appearance of your room decor but you don’t have any ideas yet, you can try to replace the old color of your room decor into blue color.

As you can see on the picture of blue room decor ideas, the dominant color of the living room comes from the blue sofa while the white walls paintings reveal cleanness and spotless look to the room; it may even accumulate the decorative objects in shades of blue just to escape into the clouds when the relaxation time has come. You can find a perfect color combination, for example; blue and white or blue and gray living room decor, those can be the coolest room decorating ideas ever! Here are the selections for the best decorating ideas for a blue room.

Blue living room - White brick walls and shiny black floor tileBlue is adopted for the room decoration

The nature provides generously on the blue sea and sky, it is associated with inspiration, dreaming, escape and sincerity. A blue room exudes luxury and refines tranquility. To match blue room decor ideas, you can pick pastel colors like pink, beige, light green to get unison and cozy atmosphere at the room. If you want to have a darker nuance, blue and brown is a perfect combination to complete other cool colors. When we talk about blue room decor ideas, we cannot miss the white and gray, two neutral colors that bring strength and elegance in all shades of blue. Whatever combination you choose, try to keep the blue to be a dominant color that will give different touch to the room decoration.

A blue and white living room decoration to get the trendiest look

You can see the picture, the blue and white is the perfect color combination to get the trendiest living room style! Dwelling on the couch is the right time to relieve stress and fatigue when you need to get the freshness back. Around the blue sofa, the discrete color touch comes from a comfortable gray living are rug where a matte white coffee table is standing to match the white wall painting and the glazed black tile floor emphasizes the elegant lines of the living room decoration.

Blue and gray living room decoration reflects a perfect serenity

In this case, you can see the gray dominates the most part of the room but the ultramarine blue placed in the background area highlights the elements that surround it. This blue wall decor idea is represented for those who want to get perfect serenity through the monochrome wall paintings. The black and gray coffee tables add uniformity to the painted floor, white curtains and decorative lamps also complete the clean decoration to get a perfect serenity.

Blue and gray for a cozy lounge

It is completely different atmosphere in this blue and gray lounge which shows that blue is suitable for all decor styles. If the pearl gray as it is worked in the same tone with slightly bluish, blue comes in shades of light blue and dark blue to give character and relief to the area.

White and brown decoration to give more peaceful atmosphere in a blue room

For this area you can see clean style space punctuated with a touch of sophistication to a relaxing atmosphere decoration. The matte white paint that covers the wood wall adds a vintage style decoration and as additional touch, the sofa color and other decorative elements reflects a unique of vintage wooden lounge. Paint color: blue, blueberry cream, gray pearl DULUX Valentine.

A sky blue paint to evoke the brown living room

The trick to wake up the dark brown sofa in the living room, a bright blue paint is the right choice! The accumulation of red and brown ethnic carpets provides warmth and cozy atmosphere to the living room and invites relaxation. Paint color: Blue Dream Cream Color range from DULUX Valentine.

Shades of blue for a graphic effect on a living room wall

Do you want to personalize the decor of your living room? To make more attractive wall paintings, painted dots in different shades of blue paint is an awesome idea. To give coherence to your decor, think about matching the shades of blue on white cushions on chairs, the whole will be great decoration. Paint Colors: Blue Marmara, Blue Lapis Lazuli, Blue Eclipse, Blue High Tide, doors color: Grey Spray DULUX Valentine.

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