Bedroom decor ideas – Decorating a romantic style at your room

Your romantic soul should be reflected in your bedroom decoration. For that you need to treat every detail: the wall decor, furniture and accessories to decorate your bed room … Follow our tips and find a cozy atmosphere to have sweet dreams.

The walls decor of your romantic bedroom

To create wall decor, there are some elements and ideas to be considered to design the romantic atmosphere and style. For decorating room in the romantic style, we must exercise restraint. The colors of your walls should not be too flashy or too aggressive. Opt for your powdered colors such as pearl gray, pale pink or beige for your walls. If your tastes are you closer to the wall art decor, you can choose a delicate flower patterned paper or discrete pattern. To give a touch of originality, you can choose to cover only two opposite walls of wallpaper and cover the other two are discrete and smooth painting. We also suggest you to see our previous tips on how to keep the comfort of your bedroom.

Romantic style furniture decor

Room decor - Romantic furnitureIf you are lucky enough to have antique furniture, they will get their place in your room to get more romantic nuance. Indeed, more finishes are worked, engineered and precise, the romantic spirit is restored. Even if your furniture is modern, know that wood is the material best suited to this style of decoration. However, be careful to choose light-colored wood. If the light wood seems a little sad, you can always dress up your furniture with soft pastel colors (blue or green light for example). It will ensure that the fabric of your linen is consistent with the color of your romantic style furniture. For the accessories, there are many choices like; wallpaper, wall art decor, poster or even the canopy! Remember to make the poster yourself; the procedure is also within the reach of small budgets.

Accessories for your room to create the romantic style

Especially not prefer ostentatious! Glass, crystal or porcelain will immediately valuable side and a sense of sophistication to your room decoration. For a little more “magical” effect, have the mirrors in the room and multiply small wrought iron accessories. Finally, if you want to give an even more regal side to your room, you can install a chandelier that will give you a Zen ambiance to your room in the evening.

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